Seven Best Foods to Try in Rajasthan

The princely state of Rajasthan has mostly been known for its splendid forts and the royal atmosphere which exudes from them. Being largely covered by desert, the limitations of access to water have resulted in the use of milk as a core ingredient more than anything else. The main diet, like most of Hindu origin, remains vegetable oriented with lentils and legumes forming a base and a lavish sprinkling of spices added for flavor. The seven top must-try Rajasthani dishes handpicked here will give you an idea of the type of cuisine this famous state is popular for.


Dal Bati and Churma

The combination of bati—which is essentially unleavened bread mixed with onions, peas, wheat flour and a thick stew of dal—has resulted in the most quintessential dish of Rajasthan. This mouthwatering culinary experience is further supplemented by churma, a typically healthy sweet dish which consists of mashed wheat bread, oil, and sugar.

Lal Maas(Red Meat)

The perennial crowd favourite lal maas gets its name from the fiery red chilies which are added to mutton and served with rice or Indian bread.

Rajasthan, palace of winds

Gatte Ki Sabzi

This is without doubt the premier dish of Rajasthan. Soft dumplings of gram flour are painstakingly cooked with curd and oil to provide a truly flavourful dish. Considering the shortage of fresh vegetables here, this dish is a good substitute for a quick tasty meal.

Ker Sangri

Ker means a type of berry, while sangri is a form of bean which grows abundantly in the desert regions of Rajasthan. Both these ingredients form the mainstay during periods of drought and scarcity. The dish is cooked in vegetable oil and spices and served with bajra bread.

Lasun Pickle

Lasun pickle is an extremely popular food accomplishment made from mixing garlic with red chili powder, lime juice, butter and jaggery (an unrefined sugar). It finds its place in most houses and is enjoyed best with bajra roti (black millet flour bread).



This is a kind of soup or broth made from mixing bajra flour with buttermilk and fermenting it in an earthen vessel to make the sauce. This is then slowly cooked over a low flame until fully prepared.


This is the most reliable dish, in a desert state like Rajasthan, where one has to travel for days in heat and over sand. The five ingredients which go into its making are found widely in this region. They have a very long shelf life. They are sangri, ker, dry red chili, ghoondha, a type of wild berry and the seed of the deciduous kumat tree. Roti or Indian bread is served with panchkuta.

Though regal in atmosphere, the food of Rajasthan is greatly influenced by the lack of water and fresh produce being an arid state. To adapt to this lifestyle, the locals have managed to produce a range of innovative delicacies that are not only mouthwatering but can last for long periods to offset the extreme weather conditions.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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  1. Cheers for this Article! The food in India sounds delicious, but it’s interesting to see what the specialties are in Rajasthan in particular! I think the food is enough to convince me to visit alone.

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    • I m from gujarat and most of the dishes you have mentioned available in gujarat. But the taste we get in rajasthan is totally different from gujarag

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  2. Since I currently can’t go to Rajasthan I will try to cook one of those dishes at home and let you know in the comments how it was 🙂

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  3. Rajasthan is a good choice to taste different dishes and food, i have been there many times and had taste all the delicious food which i can never forget.

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  4. I learned new things about foods from Rajasthan today. Next time I would love to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Lal Maas(Red Meat) will be awesome for food lovers. I have tried it when I was in Rajasthan

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  6. Man i am from Rajasthan, and i Know there food very well. Daal bati churma is no doubt number one but you forgot to mentioned so many others in your list. But still you manage the standard. so thanks for that. and the info is just great.

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  7. I have tried these foods and they are so delicious..They feel so good and Yum !!

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  8. We went to Rajastan in April. It’s not always easy to find the good places with kids. Good post!

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  9. I have tasted all of them and i would love to say that Dal Bati Churma and Lal Mass is my favourite. Whenever i visit to Rajasthan i always have these in my meal. This is best way to make people aware about the food of Rajasthan.

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