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Following gut instinct = big change

We’ve been in Playa del Carmen for nearly a month. We were here to assess the area as a long-term base. And, well, it just wasn’t working for me. Rather than be miserable, we’ve moved elsewhere.

Working on “Get Over Yourself!”

You know that old adage how people are their own worst critics? Well, I earned my PhD in that. If you’re going to do something, do it well, right? I’ve been working on the old “Get over yourself!” for a long time.

Bocas del Toro

Tranquilo. Adopt it. It’s the saying of Bocas del Toro, and once you step foot on the island it’s hard not to adopt this famous Panamanian catchphrase.

Reflecting on life at the moment

We are in a state of transition, and I can feel it in so many ways. By reflecting on it, being honest with myself, and just being in the moment it’s rather interesting to watch it unfold.