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Our first 18 hours back in the US

We knew re-entry to the US after being gone for almost 4 years would be interesting. The first 18 hours alone have been rather entertaining.

Reviewing the Hostelworld travel app

Hostelworld has a new upgrade to its travel app, and it’s one you’ll want to check out.

Things to do in Cancun

There are many more things to do in Cancun than spring break and the hotel zone. Cancun actually has a lot to offer & is worth a visit.

10 reasons to travel with kids to Turkey

Some places in Europe aren’t as kid friendly for travel. If you travel with kids, you should really consider a trip to Turkey.

Tips for getting house sitting jobs

House sitting jobs enable you to have a much deeper experience when traveling as well as to save money. Here are tips on how to find and acquire those gigs.