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rise of the djall, fantasy

  Rise of the Djall

Vednis, a member of a mystical order, happens upon an unusual artifact in an unlikely location. The device gives him a vision that shakes him to the core. As he tries to decipher its origin and meanings, he unwittingly begins a quest to save the world from a demonic invasion, and he and his companions must also redefine everything they’ve held sacred in their lives.

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Battle for Jerezi

The intense and thrilling conclusion to Rise of the Djall.

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visa guide, us citizens, us travel







The Visa Guide for US Citizens

It can takes hours to weeks to research all the various information about foreign country visa requirements for US citizens. I have done all that research for you and put it into a single resource that is quick and easy to use. This book will give you not only the pertinent information about traveling to all the countries recognized by the State Department but also tips on travel, unique stories about some of these destinations, and more.

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How to Become a House-Sitter and See the World!

An excellent guide for anyone interested in housesitting. You can find my review here. Available for purchase through this link.






Live a Life of Travel - Cover

How to Live a Life of Travel

If you’re considering doing long-term travel and are trying to figure out how to you can make it work without being independently wealthy first, this is the book for you! Available for purchase through this link.