7 Unique Places to Stay with the Kids

Staying in the same old hotel options can get boring when you’re travelling the world, so sometimes it’s interesting to mix things up a bit and try to find some more unique places to stay to enhance your visit. Below are 7 of the best places around the world to spice up your stay.

unique places to stay

Tree House in France

Snuggled in the heart of Vitrac in Cantal, France lies a unique tree house hotel just opened. This country hotel in a unique village setting is perfect for the family that wants to add a bit of natural goodness to their lives. The natural village setting is perfect for the adventure family, while the tree house gives you an opportunity to live right in the middle of the park with the birds as your neighbours!

Log Cabins in the UK

Snug and cozy, log cabins are always an easy family favorite. Scattered all across the UK, it is easy to find a list of quaint log cabins that your children will undoubtedly romanticize all through their stay. Today’s family friendly log cabin allows you to get that fire roaring and family friendly activities going to enhance that family bond.

unique places to stay, korea

Ship Hotel in South Korea

The Sun Cruise Resort in South Korea makes for an interesting beach holiday destination. The hotel is shaped like a cruise ship, curiously perched on top of a cliff. This luxury hotel boasts of a golf range, swimming facilities, even a rotating sky lounge, just like a typical luxury cruise ship. Your children will definitely be fascinated.

Farm Houses in Spain

Spain has always been a family favourite destination and staying at a farmhouse truly ups the ante. Head out into the romantic rural Spanish countryside for a taste of authenticity and tranquility. Young ones get to enjoy taking care of animals as a distraction, and you get to indulge in authentic Spanish hospitality too. This is a real treat for families that enjoy immersing themselves in local culture.

Water Villas in the Maldives

Few accommodation options in the world are as exciting as water villas. The Maldives are already an enticing location to hold your family adventure, and water villas add gloss to the experience. Spend the night right in the middle of the ocean in these special villas. Most of them have transparent floors, allowing your children to see sea life right from the safety of their living room!

unique places to stay, kagga kamma

Cave Hotel in South Africa

Kagga Kamma in South Africa combines the very best of wild safari adventures with the ancient art of rock living. These hallowed homes make for very exciting accommodation for your young ones. The hotel is nestled not too far away from Cape Town, but set in a dazzling wilderness area. Once settled into your cave hotel, enjoy the untamed outdoors and you may even chance on the mysterious mountain leopard.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Set in the outskirts of the capital, Giraffe Manor is any animal lover’s paradise. Every morning, enjoy breakfast with giraffes in this romantic colonial manor as the long necked friends literally eat from the same table with the guests. Your children will love the experience, and afterward can head over to the nearby Nairobi Safari Walk to see many other animals before a game drive at the Nairobi National Park.

Have you found any particularly unique places to stay? Which was your favorite?


Author: Joseph Hanover

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  1. Is it safe to visit Africa with child ? as far i know there are a bunch of terrorist

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    • I would say most of Africa is quite safe to visit. There are a few hotspots, but most of the continent doesn’t have these issues.

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