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  1. travelblggr
    July 9, 2011

    Thanks for the tweet!  These are EXACTLY the tips I was looking for.  Did you spend the night in Lima or just grab a connecting flight there?

    Do you have recommendations for specific places to stay?  Gonna peruse your blog for more info on Peru. =)


    • Anonymous
      July 9, 2011

      Great! Glad they were helpful. I ended up just staying overnight in the airport and grabbing a connecting flight. Didn’t make sense to me to get a hotel for a 6-hour wait. The place I stayed at in Cusco was nice enough, but it was loud since it’s next to a beer garden, so I can’t say I’d really recommend that place. There really is a plethora of places in Cusco. I would personally try to avoid anything adjacent to the Plaza de Armas. There are plenty of places not far from there that will be a lot cheaper and will put you more in the residential areas where there are less tourists. If you’re going to the rain forest, I HIGHLY recommend Estancia Bello Horizonte. Really enjoyed my stay with them, and the profit goes directly to helping educate and care for orphans in the Puerto Maldonado area.


  2. Evan
    December 26, 2010

    Looks amazing.


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