Our Youngest Traveller Interview

Our next interviewee is our youngest! M participated when she was 7 years old!  Her hobbies are swimming, soccer, painting, and playing with her friends at school and at home.  She also likes talking, acting, and singing.  I think you’ll enjoy her advice and observations.  Her parents were kind enough to transcribe her verbal responses for us.  Like with 10-year-old Zac, I didn’t ask followup questions since I wanted to really retain her viewpoints and responses as much as possible.  She also shares a similar word of advice as Zac about traveling.  She can follow her and her family’s experience at http://GotPassport.org

How old were you when you began traveling with your family? Was your first experience of international travel before you began doing it long-term?

I think I was a baby when we did road trips. I went to London when I was 1 year old.

Whose idea was it to do long-term travel in your family?

It was Mommy.

Please do a brief explanation of the trip your family undertook or are taking.

We are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and it’s very fun here.

When your family began planning the long trip, what were you excited about?

I was excited about bringing all my stuffed animals, going on an airplane, having gum, and trying new food.

What were your concerns or fears?

Really nothing.

How is your life different now that you’re traveling than before?

We get to go on a motorbike!  Finding new friends.  Playing new things.

When you’re an adult, do you think you want to continue long-term international travel?


If you could go back in time, would you change anything about your family’s decision to do this?


What is your favorite part of travel? What is your favorite memory so far?

Get to go on planes. Get to learn a new language. Having marshmallows at a campfire – it was my first time.  Sleeping in a tent.

What would you like parents to know who are considering doing a trip like this with their children?

It’s awesome!

Would you recommend this type of travel to other families? What would your advice be to parents so that they can make travel more enjoyable and meaningful for their kids?

Yes I would. Some people don’t understand English, so you should learn their language.  Instead of just having marshmallows, we put them inside crackers, with chocolate.

What would you say to other kids who are about to go on a similar journey as your family?

Go everywhere.

What would you suggest to other kids to bring on their trip and what should they leave behind?

They should bring short sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, shorts, pants, toothbrush, their own utensils, movies, computer, mosquito repellent, small stuffed animals.  They should not bring thick sweaters, strong perfume, other stuffed animals.

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  1.  This is too cute. I’ve been poking around on your blog reading some of the interviews. What a great idea.

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    • Thank you! Glad you have enjoyed them.

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  2. Kids are so fearless- I need to try and remember what it was like to be 7!

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    • It’s a great lesson for me, too. Important to remember to live as children sometimes.

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  3. such a cute idea to interview your 7-year old! great to hear she’s loving it. also sounds like she might have a promising career as a flight attendant or pilot ahead with all this love for flying 🙂

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    • And she knows what to do with those bad boys!

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    • Especially when you do them M’s way!

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    • I loved some of her advice. Have to agree about the marshmallows too.

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    • She sure is! Thanks for visiting.

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  4. Wow, awesome pack list! I too like to bring small stuffed animals. Really! I do! I have a stuffed travel beagle I always take when I cannot take my real beagle.

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    • That’s very cool you do that!

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  5. Very cute. It’s nice to hear a child’s perspective on long term travel.

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    • Thanks! I hope you’ve looked at the other interviews we’ve done as well. Some are downright hilarious, but all have some great advice and observations.

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    • I know, right? Major cuteness alert. And some wise advice as well.

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  6. Very cool interview! It’s great to hear a kids point of view on long-term travel.

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    • Thanks! I thought she did a great job and had some great suggestions.

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    • Glad you enjoy it! She definitely is a cutie & very bright.

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    • So glad you enjoy it! Definite a cutie, and very smart.

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  7. Great interview, I love the idea of interviewing kids to get their thoughts.

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  8. Great interview…. Brings it to the point! No long here & there. 🙂

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    • Kids can teach us a lot, no?

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    • That was a major cuteness alert. Lol

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  9. Love this! M’s advice about the chocolate, crackers, and marshmallows is solid – it does make travel more enjoyable to splurge from time to time 🙂

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  10. Love it! Em is a lovely kid! And like this post not only because of marshmallows but I especially liked that Em pointed out learning the language of the country you are traveling to.

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    • I loved that part as well! Thought it was great!

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  11. Haha, thanks for including our precious M in your blog! Loved the piece, and reading her answers again put a smile on my face. We swear we did not rehearse the answers, nor did we edit them afterwards.
    Thanks again, and cheers!

    Daddy GotPassport, aka Bubba.

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    • She did such a great job!

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    • Serious cuteness alert!

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