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Next up in our series of interviews with kids who have done long-term travel is Miro. He and his mother have been on the road in Central, and now South, America for the last almost 2 years. I found many of his answers to be very insightful. I hope you enjoy his interview.

How old were you when you began traveling with your family? Was your first experience of international travel before you began doing it long-term?

I was 10 when we started our travels and I am almost 12 now. The first time I was out of the United States was when my mom and I took a vacation to Jamaica, it was a while back though.

Whose idea was it to do long-term travel in your family?

It at first was my mom’s idea, but we both made it happen.

Please do a brief explanation of the trip your family undertook.

My mom and I have been traveling for almost 2 years now, all through Central America. We are now in our first South American country.

When your family began planning the long trip, what were you excited about?

I was excited about seeing the different landscapes and food. Food is a vital part of traveling. (I couldn’t agree with Miro more!)

What were your concerns or fears?

At first I was scared of leaving behind all of our belongings, but when we started traveling, I forgot all about our stuff.

Do you see the world differently now that you’ve visited other countries? How do you think travel will change your life as an adult?

I see the world in a much better way now, and I think I will be settling down somewhere when I turn 18, because by that point, I will have already seen the entire world.

If you become a parent, do you see yourself doing this with your own family?

If I become a parent, which will be in a Loooong time, yes, I do see it happening.

If you could go back in time, would you change anything about your family’s decision to do this?

No, I think everything is good the way it is, plus, I don’t want to cause a time paradox.

What is your favorite part of travel? What is your favorite memory so far?

I love everything about traveling, and the memories of our travels, are all pretty epic.

What would you like parents to know who are considering doing a trip like this with their children?

I would like to say, from my experience, children prefer to take traveling slow, to give them a sense of stability.

Would you recommend this type of travel to other families? What would your advice be to parents so that they can make travel more enjoyable and meaningful for their kids?

Again, take it slow, its not like the world is ending tomorrow.

What would you say to other kids who are about to go on a similar journey as your family?

I would say to enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest. You only have a certain amount of time on this planet.

What would you suggest to other kids to bring on their trip and what to leave behind.

It depends on the kid, I would say bring whatever you think is a good idea; That’s what I did.

How did you handle the idea of leaving your friends back home knowing that you may never return, or at least may not return for many years?

I didn’t really have any friends my age, and the ones I did, I stay in touch with. The people and friends you leave behind are still there. if you want to keep in touch, you will.

Did you bring anything on your trip that you later decided you really didn’t want or need? If so, what types of things were they?

Really they were just clothes I have outgrown.

Is there anything you wish you had brought on the trip but didn’t?

I wish I had brought my Teddy Bear (Childish, I know, but it makes me feel comfortable).

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  1. Wow, Miro seems so mature. I wish my parents had taken me travelling when I was 12, what a fantastic experience. I was initially surprised when i saw so many kids on the road while I was away but when i think of it now, I think its great for both the kids and the parents. a great way to grow up!

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  2. This is so sweet. Miro’s answers are so serious, mature, and truly thoughtful, but he also misses his teddy bear. Aww.

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    • I loved how honest he was about that even when he’s at an age where that
      isn’t really “cool.”

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    • Thanks! And yes he sure is!

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  3. Wow, I really loved hearing about travel from Miro’s perspective. Great interview. He is one smart kind, very insightful.

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    • Definitely wise beyond his years!

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  4. Great article, thanks for sharing Miro! We’ve been realising over the past few months as we’ve hectically rushed around Australia that slow travel is a much better for children for routine, stability etc. OK so we’ve come to this realisation a few times in the past with our trip, but then after a few slow months we forget again and rush around before remembering again as the kids behaviour and enjoyment levels deteriorate! It was wonderful to hear an older kid talk about the benefit of slow travel – its really helped us decide to change the way we travel this year.

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    • I’m so happy it helped you. We have many more interviews waiting to be
      posted. 🙂

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  6. What a great experience it is to be traveling around the world at such a young age! I am inspired. What a story you have to tell, Miro. And what you will be able to offer to others from what you are learning is incredible.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Wow this is absolutely amazing! I am so inspired by this and I hope that one day when i have children I will take them on trips like this. In fact, my passion for travel started b/c my best friend growing up had parents that took him traveling all over hte world. He is fluent in Spanish, French, English, and Brazilian Portuguese!

    …Dont laugh but, every time I’ve left the country…when I moved to Buenos Aires, when I lived in Beijing…I always brought my teddy bear and I’m…23…hahaha….seriously his name is Abraham lol 😛

    Miro, the wisdom you already have and the wisdom you will have by the time you’re even a teenager will be amazing.

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    • That’s awesome! Sometimes a stuffed animal is just the thing. Last fall when I had to put my dog down, I borrowed Tigger’s doggie stuffed animal to sleep with for a while.

      How cool you were so inspired by a friend.

      I’m a big Miro fan. I was so happy when he agreed to be interviewed. He & his mom are both pretty darn awesome.

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    • As you should be! Don’t know if you saw one of the Twitter comments, but my favorite one was “That’s one badass kid!” 🙂

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