600 Days of Travel

Today marks our 600th day of travel!

It’s funny, because in some ways it’s hard to believe we’ve already been gone for 600 days, and in other ways it feels like it’s been much longer.

Do I have any regrets? Not a damn one.

Well, maybe one—that we didn’t do this sooner. But, we had to get through some other things first, so that’s okay.

Tigger’s 11th birthday

Tigger’s favorite memories so far are learning to dive in Utila and learning to surf in Ecuador.

For me I would say the highlights of the last 600 days would be Ecuador and Morocco, although I really did love Utila, too.

surfing, ecuador, olon

We’ve achieved a lot really.

  • We’ve visited 11 countries on 4 continents
  • I became an advanced open water & rescue diver, Emergency First Response instructor (1st aid & CPR), divemaster and scuba instructor (plus specialties and other certifications)
  • I finished writing and publishing 2 books
  • Tigger became a junior open water diver, dove with sharks, and did his first wreck dive, as well as learned to surf in Ecuador, paraglided in Peru, and parasailed in Mexico,
  • and Tigger also took his first medium-distance train ride in Spain, and we both had our 1st international (also intercontinental) ferry ride between Spain and Morocco, as well as enjoyed our 1st overnight train ride (Tangier to Marrakech).
scuba, cozumel, mexico, wreck diving

What does the immediate future hold in store for us? Well, we don’t like to plan really.  We much prefer spontaneity.  But, it looks like the next 100 days should find us in at least France, Germany, Malaysia and/or Thailand, and New Zealand.

However, like with most things with us, you just never know what we might do next.

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  1. Tigger’s only 11 and he already went wreck diving? So envious. I’m an open water diver but haven’t explored wrecks yet! 600 days….well, I’m wishing you will have 600 more days of exploration with your son!

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    • Well, he technically wasn’t supposed to but Dad is a wreck instructor so . . . LOL It is so much fun. I LOVE wreck diving.

      Thank you! Looking forward to celebrating 1000 next! 🙂

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  2. looking forward to the day we can say that… we are on day 106…

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  3. Way to go, guys, way to go….literally 🙂

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    • Thank you! Yes, it’s quite amazing to me really. Looking forward to when we can celebrate our 1000th day. 🙂

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