Special deal for Europe!

On our Facebook page, we recently announced that we’ve partnered up with GoWithOh! to cover Vienna as a destination to celebrate the holidays, the food, the holiday markets, and so on.

Well, they just announced a special deal for our readers, too! If you book a stay with them between now and the end of the year (the reservation can be through 31 January 2014, but you have to book by 31 December 2013), make sure to use the code GOWITH1DAD1KID, and you will get a 20€ discount.

Pretty darn cool, right?

And I’m not getting any sort of compensation when you use the code. It’s all just for you!

So, how about Europe for the holidays?

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  1. Sounds great! If only we could but not this year. We are hoping though to return to Europe in 2014 for the Christmas Markets – and other delights!

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