Photos of a Fishing Village on Koh Kood

I recently went on an island hopping trip in Thailand. While I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would’ve liked on Koh Kood, it was definitely one of the islands I would like to come back and visit. It’s more of a primitive island and isn’t as nearly touched by tourism as some of the other islands in eastern Thailand.

How untouched? There are no banks or ATMs on the island.

Like typical Thai islands, it is a mix of beautiful beaches and luscious jungle. The group I was with stopped at a fishing village, and I found it to be very interesting. It gives you a great insight into the local culture and a way to see how a different group of Thai live. The experience added a level of diversity I found intriguing, and I wish that I both spoke Thai and had time to just sit and observe.

koh kood

Sometimes I prefer the lazy American way of serving shrimp

DSC_0015koh koodDSC_0031-001DSC_0033-001koh koodDSC_0037-001

koh kood transportation

Typical public transportation on the island

koh koodkoh koodkoh koodDSC_0056DSC_0058-001DSC_0059-001DSC_0060-001

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