A Wonderful Thai Island Escape

I am quite fond of the island life. I love the slow pace and a rhythm that just draws you into a more relaxed and calm state. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of ocean waves.

Thailand is famous for many of its islands, but unfortunately many of those islands have been drastically altered under the sometimes heavy hand of tourism. However, while on a press trip as part of the #TBEXAsia and #DiscoverThainess campaigns, I visited the delightful Thai island of Ko Wai, and I discovered there are still some places providing what I love most about islands.

thai island, ko wai

Ko Wai is a short speedboat trip from Ko Chang, Thailand’s 2nd largest island (and the largest in eastern Thailand). You can also visit via Ko Mak. It gets its name from the vines that grow from many of the trees on the tiny island.

There are a few different accommodations here. The ones we visited were primitive bungalows located practically on the beautiful beach.

thai island, ko wai

The water is crystal clear, and you don’t have to go far from the shore to see bunches of colorful fish. One can take a boat to other areas of the island where there is a larger amount of corals, too.

As it is a fairly primitive island, don’t except 24-hour electricity or multiple places to eat. Frankly, that’s part of the island’s allure in my mind. I love island escapes that basically force you to just relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you.

thai island, ko wai

In addition to the gorgeous beauty, the interior of the island is covered in jungle. You can hike these areas, but be aware that some may be closed. The island is a nesting ground for birds, so some areas may be restricted. I also had the feeling that some areas were closed simply because the terrain was more treacherous.

thai island, ko wai

There are a couple of restaurants and a small convenience store on this part of the island. You might want to bring some groceries with you, such as fruit and eggs, although at a quick glance the larger restaurant/convenience store was quite affordable.

What do you think? Can you see yourself spending some time on this Thai island?

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  1. We went in philippines before. and increadbly good. its very nice place and very attractive for the tourist like us.. most of there a very polite and friendly person..
    You must try it.. may be i check it also in thai, that my goal right now is to go all continent in Asia.. but anyway keep it great.. and Mr talon, you inspired people specially father and son. You a have very good bonding to your son. i wish i would do this i become a father 😉
    Thanks a lot Mr. Talon.

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  2. Haven’t made it to Ko Chang area, I admit I have fallen in love with Koh Lipe! Maybe will check it out in 2016 when we are back in Asia.

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