Monday photo: Cozumel’s east side

While Cozumel, Mexico, is an island, the more inhabited side does not have as much of an easy access to the beach. The western side is fringed with reef which means little to no waves, and popular swimming areas are also full of all sizes of rocks. The southern beach areas are filled with resorts and beach clubs which most days of the week are packed with tourists from the visiting cruise ships. Paved roads do not extend to the northern side of the island. The roads are apparently so bad that if you take your rental car down one of them it will cancel your insurance policy.

The east side is where most of the best uncrowded beaches are located, and is also the location of our favorite beach. Almost every time we’ve gone, we’ve been the only ones on the beach. Even on a busier weekend the beach is still not crowded. There are adequate waves to keep Tigger happy, especially now that he has a Boogie board, and there are small palapas that provide shade from the powerful Caribbean sun.

After we returned to Cozumel for our third visit, a new friend took us to the popular protected park called Punta Sur.  En route we stopped at a little beach club for her to check something, and I spotted this small chapel.  I thought it was really cool how the light came through the cross shape in the wall and how you could see the blue from the ocean behind it.

What do you think of this building?

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  1. Beautiful shot. We travelled there 20 years ago inspired by the movie ‘Against All Odds’ and it was unspoiled and gorgeous. Love the fresh take on your blog.

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    • It is such a gorgeous island, especially if you’re interested in diving!

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    • I can see why you thought that. It does look similar to those buildings but not as white. LOL

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