When I visit London again

I was really surprised by London. I hadn’t expected to like it really. We spent a week there, and it just wasn’t long enough. I’ve been pondering what I’d like to do and see when I visit London the next time.

visit London


We lucked out and were able to stay at a friend’s place in the East End when we were in London. They were off on a sail boat in Central America. The timing was extremely fortuitous. We really enjoyed being there. It was close to canals, a station for the Underground, some great ethnic areas and restaurants, and so on.

I think I would like to experience a different neighborhood on our return visit.

No matter where we stay, we’ll still explore other areas. I’m quite intrigued by Covent Garden for some reason. The name is just intriguing to me.


London has a great bike rental system, and I would love to see more of the city by bike. There are fat bike tours that go along the Thames, and I think that sounds pretty interesting.

The cable car was closed for maintenance during our time here, and I’d like to check that out as well. After years of dealing with my fear of falling, I’ve finally managed to not panic in cable cars. I generally seek them out now.

Tigger would have a great time at Go Ape Trent Park with all the zip lines, Tarzan swings, high ropes, and so on.

visit London


We didn’t get to go to Hampton Court, and I would really like to visit it. I’ve heard very good things from friends, and I’m also quite fascinated by Henry VIII and that time period.

While we saw the Shard from the outside (hard to miss considering it’s Western Europe’s tallest building), we didn’t go inside. I enjoyed the views from the London Eye, so I imagine it would be even more incredible from within London’s newest landmark.

I also want to see the city at night. I imagine it’s really beautiful with the bridges and places like Trafalgar Square all lit up.

We didn’t get to visit Hyde Park either which is something I plan on doing next time. I want to see the famed Speakers’ Corner and possibly the memorial fountain for Princess Diana.

I’m hoping for a house sit so that we can stay in the area longer to really soak up all that London has to offer. It’s such a fun city I really want to get to know her better.

Where would you want to go on when you visit London?

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  1. Where I was born and raised, and still my favourite place in the world. I recommend: cheap Vietnamese canteens on Kingsland Road, Broadway Market on a Saturday morning, the London Fields open lido, swimming in Hampstead Ponds, drinks in Hackney pubs,and totally avoiding south of the river – ha.

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  2. I highly recommend visiting Richmond in South West London when you are visiting there next. It is essentially a village with what remains of a 15th Century Palace (where Elizabeth I died), boat trips on the river Thames, Markets, lots of parks and trails following the river, cute English pubs and a massive park with wild deer – my favourite place in London and where I lived for a year. Also, check out all the amazing cemeteries around London (see my below post)

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  3. When you go to Hyde park, bear in mind that it’s huge, absolutely huge, and both Speaker’s Corner and Diana’s Fountain are corners of the park apart. It took me 2 hours to walk along the park to the place I wanted to be because I took the wrong tube. Parts of roads can be closed due to the many events London hosts, like cycling or marathon.

    Natural History museum is a photographer’s bliss, I could seriously have my wedding photo taken there.

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    • Yes, Hyde Park is ginormous! As my son is museum’d out, I hadn’t even considered the Natural History Museum, but I think you’re right that should be added to the list.

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      • It’s free-don’t like it, leave whenever you want. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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