Evolution, Oh My!

I’m sitting here laughing to myself.  After having spent a few hours doing additional research (“Ooh! What if we went to XYZ?”), suddenly I remembered Eurorail.  Hmmm.  That would open up a section of the world for both of us.  Could definitely be interesting, especially since the only European country I’ve been to so far is France, and that was limited to Paris and nearby towns.  As I’m doing my research my mind does what it usually does when I’m in my Vivez sans regrets! mode:  Think big!  

As the trip has evolved, at least in my brain, my mind flashed back to June.  Nancy Vogel (FamilyOnBikes) and I were sitting in a small bakery in Cuzco, Peru.  While I ate an empanada and washed it down with a mate de coca, we discussed how I wanted to take Tigger on a “big trip.” I was interested in her opinion as a world-travelling parent, educator, adventurous spirit, and homeschooler about my tentative plan to take him to Africa or China (one of his fixations at the time).  Of course, if you’ve read this far you know that Africa was the decision, and that plan changed from just Africa to Africa plus, plus, and then we’ll move to Thailand and then . . .  You also know how I was looking at beginning this in October.  Well . . . 

So here’s where I’m at now:  My birthday is a MAJOR holiday in France.  Ever since I learned about this when I was about 8 years old (a SIGNIFICANT time ago), I have wanted to spend my birthday in Paris because the whole country would be celebrating my birthday.  Hey, I was 8.  Well. . . I haven’t done it yet.  When I went to Paris in 2005 (doesn’t feel like it was 5 years ago!), I opted to go in spring so I could also run the Paris Marathon rather than in summer during my birthday.  Since this trip is all about attacking my dreams, well. . . here’s what I’m thinking now:  We leave at the end of June or earlier since school is out in May.  We fly to Copenhagen.  From there we can take the Eurorail (or other train, and there are some seriously cheap flights between European nations as well) to Amsterdam, be in Paris for my birthday, hit some other parts of France, maybe bike around the Loire Valley, etc., go to Italy, Greece, then on to Spain, grab the ferry to Morocco before flying to Cairo, fly to Tanzania and spend time there (a hospice was interested in me teaching energy work, so that could be a nice way to add some volunteer work into our trip), then on to Madagascar, fly to India, and then finally we head to Thailand (and of course we’ll be going other places from there but at a more relaxed pace).  Outside of the EU money goes a LONG way (and even in some places within the EU), so we could conceivably spend a month or more at most of our locations for the full experience if we really wanted, which would also mean a slower pace which Tigger definitely will need, and I’m sure I’d appreciate that as well.

I would LOVE for Tigger to get to experience such a variety of culture and places.  And why not do it now? Vivez sans regrets! right?
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  1. Finally, an issue that I am passionate about. I have looked for information of this caliber for the last several hours. Your site is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Well i think that even if it is your first time heading into France, you'd have a great time in it. because on my first time getting there i was some kind of amazed in Paris, so romantic place.

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  3. Just stumbled across your blog, and this sounds like an amazing trip! My boyfriend's birthday is on Halloween, and when he was little, he thought it was awesome everyone celebrated his birthday 🙂 Tigger is a lucky kid to get to go on these adventures.

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  4. I am LOVING how this trip is evolving…


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  5. Vinda: We'll probably be spending most of our time in smaller towns, but we'll see. There is a chocolate train in Switzerland. One never knows, but right now not a major draw.

    Angel: Most definitely! I expect we'll have lots of evolution as we're travelling as well. That's part of the fun of a big trip like this.

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  6. It all sounds so amazing, and I'm so glad we will be able to join you on your journey via this blog. Y'all are going to have a fantastic time.

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  7. Now that you've decided to do this so many new ideas are opening up for you, it's so exciting!! I can't wait to see the finished product, which I have a feeling may change even as you travel. haha No matter what, I know you will make it all wonderfully exciting for Stevie and he is one very special and lucky boy!

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  8. Why not spend a few days in Switzerland..What with their cheese and chocolate factories! I heard there is a chocolate train too! Takes you to all the chocolate and cheese producing villages. I'm sure Tigger would love that!
    Btw, glad you're coming to India! Feel free to ask for help. I stay in Mumbai!

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