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I once heard someone say that all the tours for touring Asia along the Mekong River are exactly the same. Their advice was not to bother shopping around, just to choose a cheap tour and book it.

Whilst this might be true of the generic run-of-the-mill one-day tours in parts of Vietnam, it is definitely not the case with the more upmarket versions. If you take the time to research the types of tours available you’ll discover that there are loads of Mekong tours that will set your heart fluttering with anticipation.

You might even discover there are too many tours to choose from.

touring asia

Imagine a cruise that spans 17 days and goes to all the parts of Asia you’ve always dreamt of. You get the best of every location and then move on to the next one while you’re sleeping. Escorted tours mean you also get to learn a lot about the culture you’re visiting and can cut down on the time needed to explore. Though I do love getting lost just about everywhere we go, having a guide to take you straight to where you are meant to be can really help, especially if you only have a short amount of time to check out the sights.

The sights you’ll see along the banks of the Mekong as you glide by will stay with you forever. We saw children swimming in the shallows, fisherman reeling in giant fish and even some elephants moving logs on a steep hillside.

We have some great photos and having exotic scenes to recount when we share our travel stories always makes me happy!

Of course we were not lucky enough to take the pretty boats I’ve been reading about. Our adventures were close to the water, packed in with 40 other travellers all trying to make sure they got to the seats first just like this traveller! We ate potato chips and drank Diet Coke the whole way!

We’d like to do another tour of the Mekong River one day and we’ll definitely make sure it’s of the more fancy variety!

The beauty of a cruise down the river is the chance to try the local food in a gorgeous setting. With someone to cook for you day and night, you can sample the local flavours in a relaxed manner. Stopping at various cities to explore will give you the option to try some street food too. For this reason a cruise is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

No matter which section of the Mekong River you want to visit, there’s a cruise available for you. Spend the time to research all of your options and choose the best one for your family. Give yourself plenty of time so you can find out exactly what your options are and book yourself on the exact dates that you’d like.

When you have trouble choosing from the many tours you find, don’t say I didn’t warn you it was going to be tough!


Author: Tracey Pedersen

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