Tigger’s Poem: I Am

I am a kind boy.
I wonder what it is like to be in space.
I hear clicking noises from the computer.
I see my cat sitting in my lap.
I want to be a world traveler.
I am a kind boy.

I pretend to be a secret agent.
I feel  my cat’s smooth fur.
I touch my hair, it is soft.
I worry if I get eaten by a shark when I scuba diva.
I cry when I fall down.
I am a kind boy.

I understand the language from Thailand.
I say I am a “Coo Coo.”
I dream I can fly with my own imagination.
I try to help my Dad with cooking.
I hope I can fly.
I am a kind boy.

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  1. Sweet! A great creative outlet! Keep them coming Tigger!

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  2. I wish I can write poem like you, Tigger! And I wish I can speak Thai like you too! What is Coo coo?

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    • Coo coo = cuckoo as in crazy or silly. And I laughed about Thai because he knows maybe 3 phrases. Lol

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      • Haha, 3 phrases is a great start! I bet it will be easy for him to pick up language when you guys are there, seems like kids are better in that.

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        • He’s done really well so far. I speak to him in 4-5 languages. He can now usually identify the language even if he doesn’t understand it.

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    • Well, there isn’t much sanity left, but yeah it helps. LOL

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    • That part had me laughing when I read it. He knows a little. Can say thank you, you’re welcome, do a greeting, understands if I ask him if he wants to eat. That’s about it. LOL

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