How to have a relationship while travelling the world

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The travel bug is certainly addictive. Many people travel on their own – it’s a large part of the experience of getting out and seeing the world for a lot of travellers. But many people also meet partners while travelling, or decide to go travelling with their partner as a way of strengthening their relationship.

Travelling can be a great way to form a romantic bond with someone, whether it’s getting to know them better for that first weekend away, or keeping the relationship strong under trying travel conditions. Finding someone with a similar passion for travelling can lead to a happy and successful relationship.

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But of course, the world is a big place. If you love glacier hopping in Iceland while your partner prefers lying on the beach in New Zealand, your romantic travels are not going to get off to the best start. If you are looking for compatible Calgary singles be sure to talk in detail about what kind of travel you enjoy most, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy journey.

Iceland: Rainbow Volcano
With Calgary being a gateway to the rest of the world through international flights, it’s easy for local singles to hop on a plane to some of the most exciting destinations. And if you’re looking to meet someone, here are some tips on keeping everything running smoothly while you’re having the trip of a lifetime.

Be honest

Honesty is essential to a happy relationship, no matter how you met. The same rules apply when travelling, whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or you’re continuing a relationship. Be honest with the person about what you’re looking for.

Travel presents a lot opportunity to meet new people, and relationships can develop quickly in exotic locales. A bit of honesty about what you’re looking for, whether it’s a beach-side fling or a long-term thing is key to a stress-free travel romance.

Don’t let the “honeymoon period” fool you

You’ve met that certain someone and you’ve decided to go on a trip together, only to realize, halfway through your three week tour of South America, that he is an annoying know-it-all or that she is too cheap to pay her share.

Make sure you know the person well enough before you commit to big travel plans. The adventure should take in a new aspect of your relationship, but don’t let dreams get in the way of common sense.

You’ll be spending a lot of time together: long plane rides, bumpy bus journeys, and lengthy waits in train stations, so you’d better be sure that you know the person well enough to be sure you want to travel with them.

Also be prepared to discover new things about them, which can be exciting but may also be surprising. And remember: they’ll be learning new things about you, too.

If you’ve met through a dating website, you will have had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other; but do remember, each and every one of us has their individual ‘quirks’. Remembering point one – being honest – will help you avoid unexpected surprises.

Don’t cheat

Pretty basic, this one, for any relationship. Cheating is not OK. If you’re travelling solo, don’t use this as an opportunity to sow wild oats if you’ve got someone waiting at home. Travelling the world is an exciting way to meet people you’d never cross paths with, so before you go, make sure you’re clear about what your relationship boundaries are.

Travelling will give you the opportunity to make lots of friends, but if you are interested in being more than friends with fellow travellers, have the decency to break off any relationships at home before you go.

Stay in touch

You’ve backpacked, jet-skied, luxury-shopped, beached, walked, and cycled your way through your travel itinerary and met lots of interesting people along the way.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep
If there is someone who you spent a lot of time with and who you’d like to see more of outside the trip, keeping in touch while you continue your travels is a the best way to keep the lines open and the romance flourishing.

Daily Skype dates are one way, as are emailed descriptions of that day’s adventures. Facebook and Twitter are also great ways of keeping in touch.

The same goes for established couples who are travelling separately. There’s nothing like getting a picture of your loved one leaning over Preikestolen to make you want to join them there some day.

Whether you have met someone online and decided to go travelling, or fallen in love while on your travels, following these four simple tips will help your relationship to be more than just a holiday romance.

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