Things to do in Malta for families

The question is not – “Are there interesting things to do on Malta?” After all, this Mediterranean island is infused with more than 7000 years of history, dramatically depicted today in the ruins, the architecture, the arts and the scenic streets of this ocean-bound southern European country located 50 miles south of Sicily. In this case, the question is – “Are there fun things for families to do in Malta?”

The answer, thankfully, is yes – otherwise the conversation would be over. Because along with the history of Malta, there is a very vibrant and activity-laden present, which offers families a rich array of options for spending their Malta days hopping from one fun destination to another.

Not to be ignored is Malta’s beautiful geography, with splendid beaches that range from fully developed resorts with all the amenities to secluded coves next to sparkling blue waters. These sandy, saltwater days are replenishing for family member of all ages, but Malta also has special attractions that are tailor made for keeping families, especially those with young kids, engaged and entertained.


For starters, Mediterraneo Marine Park offers a chance to experience close encounters with incredible sea life, so close, in fact, that some adventurous family members can opt to swim with the dolphins. It’s a pricey expedition – €120 per person (must be 8 years and older) for 30 minutes, but that includes park admission. Other things to see and do at the park include sea lion exhibits, tropical bird presentations and reptile collections.

Conveniently located next to the Mediterraneo is the Splash & Fun Waterpark, where the name of the place pretty much says it all. There are water slides, multiple swimming pools, a dinosaur-themed park, a wave pool and a lazy river. This kind of water park offers what families need on certain days, namely, guaranteed fun, a snack bar, bathrooms, and a chance to exhaust the kids to their hearts’ delight.

LWS Animal Park is known simply as “the place where kids have fun”, and it’s easy to understand why. The park’s landscaped gardens are home to exotic animals that have been rescued from adverse conditions and are now kept in healthy, cage-less environments. Along with petting and feeding various types of beautiful creatures, kids can ride a miniature railway, speed around in go karts, scale climbing frames, and ride horses.


Popeye Village Malta is the film location for Sweethaven, the fictional sea village from the 1980 film Popeye with Robin Williams. That single film (who knew it was filmed in Malta?) has launched thousands of fun days in this picturesque little hamlet, where kids can tour the old film set, interact with some of the cartoon characters, and then partake in boat rides, water trampolines, and a few fun park rides.

In summary, Malta can be a place to discover the rich history of a unique island in the Mediterranean. It’s also a destination where – when parents need a no-brainer kind of fun day – families can fill multiple days with fun and convenient activities.

Andrew Walsh is a seasoned traveller who has seen there is to see around the Continent. These days you can find him contributing to many online travel blogs as well as playing an active role within Cornwall’s tourism industry.

Images Traditional fishing boat; Marsaxlokk, Malta by John Haslam and Popeye Village by Ronny Siegel used under creative commons license.


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