Exploring Amsterdam by Bike

If you cycle regularly, you’re probably accustomed to the inherent dislike that’s directed towards you by other motorists. Amsterdam couldn’t be further from this mind-set if it tried; the people are practically born on bikes!

The city is home to a number of fantastic cycle routes and sights to see. This guide will cover the key points you’ll need to consider to get the most out of your holiday:


Sights to see

There are a number of different tours and excursions that you can go on in Amsterdam. Each will take you past a variety of attractions and landmarks that can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your saddle.

For a more peaceful ride, why not take a tour around the nearby countryside and coast past lush green pastures and tranquil windmills. For something a bit more extensive, this ‘All of Amsterdam’ bicycle tour, available to book at Amsterdam City Tours, is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with the city and feel like a local. The ride takes you along the city’s calming canals and continues to some of the most beautiful areas on the East side. The tour will stop off at the last Amsterdam brewery still running, the Tropical Museum, the Amsterdam Zoo and will finally end at the majestic Plantage District.

Be prepared

You don’t need to worry about taking your bike on this holiday. The city provides a multitudes of places to rent a ride from and the average price is just 8E for a full day. The rental companies usually provide a variety of different types and have bikes that are suitable for children also.

One thing we’d definitely recommend taking with you is appropriate cycle clothing. Leisure Lakes Bikes has an excellent range of jackets, trousers and gloves that are perfect for this activity. Cycling during the winter in Amsterdam offers fantastic views of frozen canals and snow-topped bridges. However, it can get a bit chilly, so we’d advise taking base layers and arm/leg warmers with you. They can always be taken off and put in your bag if you become too warm.


Be Safe

Even those that cycle regularly are surprised by the hectic Amsterdam traffic; heed these tips so that you don’t end up in the canal!

Amsterdam is a city that feels like it was made for cyclists. There are lanes on the right-hand side of the road everywhere, so try to stay in the lanes and avoid mounting public footpaths. This also means that you should adhere to the rules of the road and never jump red lights.

There are also a lot of tram rails around the city, so if you have to cross them, make sure you do it at a sharp angle so that you don’t become struck.

There’s always a few people who spoil it for everyone, so be wary of other reckless cyclists who could be breaking the rules. Be confident and continue to give hand signals and signs, so that other motorists can predict how you’ll move.


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