Entertaining Your Children in Niagara Falls, Ontario

http://depositphotos.com/21643727/stock-photo-Mother-Father-Son-Daughter-Child-Family-Water-Park.html?sst=0&sqc=14&sqm=108046&sq=2v4awrThanks to smart phones, portable gaming consoles and an assortment of other handheld gadgets, it’s never been more difficult to hold a child’s attention. If you don’t want your kids to fritter away another family vacation updating their social media feeds every five seconds, make Niagara Falls, Ontario, your next travel destination. With a seemingly endless variety of kid-centric attractions and activities, Niagara Falls has everything you need to keep your children entertained and away from their phones for the duration of the trip.

Fallsview Indoor Water Park

If your kids enjoy wild water fun year-round, pay a visit to Fallsview Indoor Water Park. With 16 exciting waterslides, an enormous wave pool and a bevy of tasty dining options, this four-star family destination has everything you need to keep your children entertained for days on end.

Parents can unwind in the invigorating Horseshoe Hot Springs after the kids have gone to bed. These enormous adults-only hot tubs provide weary adults with a place to relax after a long day of keeping up with their children. In addition, parents with small children will have a ball with their little ones at the Tiny Tots Splash Park, a child-friendly alternative to the park’s harrowing waterslides.

“Oh Canada Eh?” Dinner Show

Families who can never pass up dinner and show are sure to love “Oh Canada Eh?,”a critically acclaimed satirical musical that pokes fun at America’s northernmost country. Hockey, ice fishing and various other aspects of Canadian culture are lovingly lambasted in this chuckle-inducing musical romp. “Oh Canada Eh?” is also the seven-time recipient of the Niagara Falls Tourism Council’s coveted Attraction of the Year award, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If one dinner show simply isn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to learn that the “Oh Canada Eh?” players perform such iconic musicals as “The Rocky Horror Show” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at various points throughout the year. After enjoying your favorite musicals with a delectable five-course meal, you’ll wonder why your family ever settled for traditional theater.

Greg Frewin’s “IMAGINE”

Nothing sparks a child’s sense of wonderment like a good magic show. When visiting Niagara Falls with your kids, booking tickets to “IMAGINE” should be high on your priority list. In addition to performing a jaw-dropping array of death-defying stunts, world-renowned magician Greg Frewin shows audiences his unique spin on a number of commonplace magic tricks. As his website points out, Mr. Frewin is the only magician to win both the World Magic Award and the Triple Crown in Magic. If your little ones are lucky, they may even be called upon to assist Greg onstage.

Hungry families are sure to love the tasty buffet dinner provided to audience members before evening performances. Additionally, if your kids want a souvenir of the show, they can have their picture taken with Mr. Frewin — and his pet tiger — for a small additional fee.

Dinosaur Adventure Golfhttp://depositphotos.com/9906791/stock-photo-Young-boy-plays-mini-golf-on-putt-putt-course.html?sst=0&sqc=13&sqm=280&sq=2vbzl9

You’d be hard-pressed to find a child who can say no to a rousing game of miniature golf. With its prehistoric-themed course and realistic robotic dinos, Dinosaur Adventure Golf is a can’t-miss destination for mini golf lovers of all ages. As Niagara Falls Tourism points out, Surrounded by roaring dinosaurs, bubbling volcanoes and dark caverns, your kids are liable to feel as if they’ve just stepped out of a time machine.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Older children and pre-teens who enjoy the rush of a good scare will want to visit Nightmares Fear Factory. Rife with bone-chilling thrills, Nightmares Fear Factory takes visitors on a spine-tingling journey through an abandoned coffin factory haunted by the vengeful spirits of its former proprietor and his mistreated employees. Boasting an authentically morbid atmosphere and some of the most realistic effects in the haunted house industry, Nightmare Fear Factory is sure to meet the expectations of even the most seasoned scare junkie.

The one-of-a-kind family attractions at Niagara Falls, Ontario, ensure that parents can keep their kids entertained without breaking the bank. After experiencing everything the area has to offer, your children may just leave their gadgets at home the next time you embark on a family vacation.


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