An Unlimited Travel Budget: Imagine The Places You’ll See!

—by Tracey Pedersen

Imagine for a moment that you aren’t a budget traveller. Think about all the things you might do if you didn’t have to watch your pennies all the time. Sure, this isn’t likely to happen any time soon but it’s fun to imagine what your travel would be like if you had a lot more cash to throw around!

  • Every meal could be a fabulous adventure that always ends well. The best steaks, freshest vegetables and delectable desserts all cooked by world-class chefs. You might even run into the odd celebrity as you dine in sophistication. Weight gain would be a definite possibility. As opposed to the occasional meals of two minute noodles that many budget travellers have found themselves facing!
  • Transport would be a dream. No more third class cheap seats on trains that don’t have any glass in the windows for you. Now you can travel first class and arrive at your destination refreshed. If you have a lunch date planned you can Charter-A helicopter or a private jet to get your there on time. No traffic jams for you and a grand entrance as well!
  • Accommodation is probably the big one. Every budget traveller knows they have to make sure they don’t overspend when choosing places to sleep. Backpacker dorms feature at least occasionally in every budget traveller’s itinerary. Housesitting is a favourite for those watching their cash and cheap motels are the norm rather than the exception. If you had an unlimited budget you could plan ahead and book to stay in great hotels everywhere you went. You could book in high season instead of visiting that amazing destination off-peak. Maybe you’d shout yourself a trip on the Orient Express or a cruise on the QE2. Even a few nights in an ice hotel wouldn’t be out of the question!
  • Entertainment options would be unlimited. Imagine that you don’t have to choose between one attraction and another? Just imagine that you could visit every single sight that took your fancy. No more deciding whether to climb a tower or not based on the cost. No more missing special sights or once-in-a-lifetime opportunities because you can’t quite afford it this month.

So just imagine how your travels might be impacted if you didn’t have to worry about your travel budget. There would be unlimited options for you to choose from and you’d have the best time ever, right?

But would your adventures really be that much better if you didn’t have monetary restrictions? Would you value the new places you see quite as much if you didn’t have to work for them? Would you try new foods if you could eat in five-star restaurants every night of the week? Would you form the great friendships with new people if you were hiding away in a hotel room instead of mingling with others at hostels and on buses and trains?

Some of the best adventures come from having to make adjustments to stay within your budget. Even though you’ve been tempted here, enjoy your trip for what it is and try not to wish you had unlimited funds!


Author: Tracey Pedersen

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