A Weekend in Barcelona

—by Brandy Bell

Barcelona is rightfully one of Spain’s most beloved cities, with hundreds of activities in the city, it can be tough to choose what to do. These are my top three picks for an easy, local style weekend in Barcelona.

Casa Batllo

Park Guell

What’s not to love about this place? Some of Gaudi’s more whimsical work can be found here and on a sunny day, the view lasts for kilometers of greenery, beach, and boats!  There are always plenty of tourists, locals and entrepreneurs selling handicrafts to add to the feeling.

Some of my favorite parts of the park is the hike up hundreds of stairs (ah yeah, feel that thigh burn) to the top where there is a wonderful picnic area and vistas that will take your breath away, if the stairs didn’t. If you’re more romantically inclined there are plenty of paths to stroll hand in hand along while falling in love under the Spanish sun.

La Boqueria and Las Ramblas

Where to grab the best bites in Barcelona? Hit the streets! On the famous Las Ramblas you will find a host of sweet places to grab a tapa (also called pincho, although sometimes spelled pintxo). There is a variety of flavors to please all palates, but best of all is La Boqueria where you can find delicious treats from all over the world.

If you’ve ever wondered about the art of butchery, hit the left side of the market and learn about all the delicacies that you probably haven’t seen for sale elsewhere. Then turn 180 degrees and try some of the fresh, hot tapas straight from the source. The best are rumored to be: croquetas, jamon serrano. Of course, no visit to Spain is complete without trying some of the delicious artisan cheeses.

My favorite place is the fruit and vegetable section where all areas of the world are represented. On the last visit I spotted mangosteens, lychee fruit, and even the durian fruit infamous for its “offputting odor”.

If you have willpower of steel, check out the dessert selection on the right side of the market. Find classic Spanish favorites: turron, almond cakes, and olive oil tarts made with anise and fennel. The best part of being so close to France is the wonderful influence from their baked goods on the Barcelona food scene. Some of the most delicious croissants (don’t even get me started on chocolate croissants!) in the whole country can be found in Barcelona


No Sleep in Spain

No mater how you choose to spend your days in Barcelona, ensure that you carve out time for a siesta so you can spend your nights the way nature intended: sipping gin and juice and shaking your body against strangers! There’s room for all types in Barcelona, check out these three spots to fulfill all your night time needs.

4 Gats is a favorite and also rumored to be favorite hangout of our friend Picasso. It has the ABCs of trendy bars covered: Artsy, Boho, and Chic!

Bambu brings a different angle to the table: delicious drinks that are made right every time. Do you know what a well made gin & tonic is supposed to taste like? So do the bartenders at Bambu. Intimate and inviting, it’s everything you want in a bar.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your heart thudding against your chest, or possibly one of the many genres of music from Aurora filling your brain with the desire to shake what your mama gave you! Sick of bar trial and error? Plan to visit Aurora near midnight and let the good times roll.

What would be at the top of your list for a weekend trip to Barcelona?



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