Winter vs. Summer: A Guide to Colorado

Colorado is one of those states that so many people love so very much. From the slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the delightful streets of downtown Denver, this is a great state for all those searching for adventure. If you’re making travel plans that include this state, one of the most essential considerations is when you’d like to be here. Both summer and winter have lots of things to fill your phone with incredible memories and fantastic selfies. It all depends on the kind of plans you have in mind and how you’re going to get them done. One thing’s for sure. When you’re traveling, you’ll find friendly people, glorious weather, and lots of fabulous things to appreciate all year long.


The Geography

One of the most fascinating things about the state is just how high it lies above sea level. This can be a huge surprise for out of state residents. If you’ve never done much traveling at the higher altitudes, be prepared for a change in how you do things as you go about your time here. For example, when walking, etc., take it easy as your body adjusts to the altitude. You don’t want to strain your lungs and leave the place gasping for breath. Even at relatively lower levels in all parts of the state, it can be hard to do anything more strenuous than climb a single flight of stairs until you have been fully acclimated.

Enjoying the Summer in Colorado

When people think of summer, they typically think of mosquitoes, days of enervating humidity, and constant, unending heat. That’s one of the many marvelous things about heading off to Colorado in the summer. As the state lies so high above sea level, it means a bug-free summer. It also means much cooler temperatures than many parts of the country. Not only that but unlike more coastal areas, the state is mercifully free of intense humidity. There’s no sweating constantly, even when it’s not that hot out.

Summer in this part of the world also means endless chances to be part of nature. A concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater is a must for every music lover. If a show is not your thing, there are also activities like yoga classes you’ll never forget. Summer is when natives make the most of the long days and the mild weather. If you love color, stop by annual summer Hot Air Balloon Rodeo & Art in the Park. Other events like the Top of the World Rodeo and the Coors Light South Platte RiverFest offer a chance to get to know people in the state and have fun.


When Winter Arrives

If winter is an endless chance to appreciate the region’s mild climate, winter is when Coloradans bring their outdoor activities to another level. Colorado is home to some of the globe’s most famous winter playgrounds. Come here and have your pick of incredible facilities. This is a chance to ski the slopes of Vail, plan apres-ski activities in Aspen, snowboard down Steamboat Springs, or just admire the state’s glorious mountains in person. For the winter weather lover, the state is a paradise. Abundant snowfall means there’s always a place to ski and engage in other winter activities. It’s easy to find lots of outdoor activities to do anywhere in the state.

Winter is also when you can explore some of the most untouched places in the country. Rocky Mountain National Park offers secluded trails that lead you to corners rarely seen by many people. Head indoors for a chance to sample some of the best beer in the country. The lively food scene continues all year long with events devoted to showing off local products.

Any trip to Colorado should take many factors into account. The time of year is particularly important. Summer means a chance to be outside in mild weather without the need for bug spray or a blanket of humidity. Winters mean crystal clear days and lots of time to explore the region’s highest peaks and experience exhilarating winter sports. Think about which activities appeal to you most. If you love seeing a country where wide-open spaces are the norm, this is a place you’ll appreciate no matter when you choose to come by.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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