Cruising the British Isles with Children

Let’s face it, the typical image of taking British Isles cruises doesn’t quite conjure up the same thoughts of vast, blue-water tranquility as your more popular Mediterranean ocean expedition. But the advantages of these rich itineraries are plenty, not least because these trips navigate a smaller land area, so on-shore explorations with the kids can be the focus of your scenic travels. And approaching the magnificent coastlines of the region from the vantage point of the sea can be a distinctive, memorable pleasure.

The British Isles, also known as the British and Irish Isles, is a collection of islands off the mainland of Europe that includes the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland, plus a number of smaller islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and these voyages provide a great way to experience a rich sampling of lots of culture-rich spots, plus many out-of-the-way places, without the hassle of long drives or flights. Combine this with the pleasure of cruise-ship travel, with its all-you-could-ask-for entertainment, food, and other amenities and you can add a whole lot of easy fun to your adventures. Children love the programmes available for kids, like child-only dinners, dance parties, theme nights and gaming rooms, leaving you with some free time while they are supervised elsewhere too!

Most British Isles cruises include stops in large cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, so you’ll get a nice dose of iconic urban sites like museums and famous landmarks. Fun attractions for kids are abundant from Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura to the London Dungeon and Glasgow’s Tall Ship, and there are also plenty of free attractions if you aren’t looking to spend too much. These voyages also float past and dock at breathtaking, weather-beaten coastlines and seldom-visited port towns and fishing villages, where you’ll enjoy the pleasure of fresh-caught meals and explore stunning countrysides, historical and archeological sites, castle ruins, Viking relics (which will fascinate children), and remote islands.

Local wildlife watching can be another wonderful focus on these intimate ocean expeditions. You’ll spot puffins and razorbills, watch Atlantic salmon battle their way upstream trying to get back to the lochs where they were born, and even take your turn looking for “Nessie” when you visit the legendary Loch Ness.

Moreover there are lots of theme/hobby and ship-style choices: golf, culinary adventures, dancing and photography-centered tours on ships that range from carrying twelve people to hundreds. Many of these do cater to families, so if you and your kids have specific interests, you may well be able to find a cruise that reflects these.

So if you’re in the mood for the wonder of an open-water journey and also find yourself hankering for a taste of European flavour, history, wildlife, and natural splendour instead of a super-low-key Mediterranean holiday, British Isles cruises are the way to go.


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