Where to Stay in Bangkok in Affordable Luxury

Typically, when we travel we rarely stay in luxury accommodations. We usually get an Airbnb place or something similar so that we can have a kitchen as well as be out of the typical tourist areas. However, recently I participated in a press trip to Thailand as part of their #TBEXAsia and #DiscoverThainess campaigns. Our sponsors put us up at the Plaza Athenee, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

We were not asked to write about the hotel; however, after spending 3 nights there and having several meals there, I can honestly say when I’m considering where to stay in Bangkok, I’ll be saving up money to stay here again.

where to stay in bangkok

It isn’t uncommon for hotels to do a bit extra for bloggers or journalists who are staying in their hotel. Obviously, they want to impress you. So when I had a welcome bowl of fruit and a selection of truffles served on an edible sign, I didn’t let that factor in to my opinion. I felt the same way when the night before we left for our various 3-day tours we all received another gift of edible “toiletries” as well as a rather nice apron. Excellent touches, but I wasn’t surprised we were getting some VIP treatment. After all, we were essentially guests of the government.

where to stay in bangkok

I became a little more impressed when I discovered the bowl of fruits was standard. Then I found little extras like a disposable razor and shaving cream as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste. Even better was the set of bath salts and eucalyptus oil placed by the bath tub.

where to stay in bangkok

I was further impressed by the truly amazing hot and cold breakfast buffet that was on hand every day. There were basically two separate rooms of food. After 3 days there, I still hadn’t sampled everything they offered.

Despite a pretty full hotel, a friend and I enjoyed having the terrace pool and poolside bar all to ourselves.

Of course, the service was excellent. People practically ran to open doors or push elevator buttons for you. I find that level of service a bit uncomfortable, but it’s also Thailand, and it’s hard to beat Thai customer service. It’s pretty rare to find grumpy service anywhere, but it’s definitely absent at this hotel.

The property is also well located. It’s within about 2 blocks of a BTS station. Plenty of restaurants, both local and touristic, are within an easy walk, and you’ll find plenty of local markets as well, especially at night. If you want to do some shopping, you’re in a perfect spot for it.

where to stay in bangkok

Typically, the WiFi in resorts is pretty poor, but theirs was really good.

One of the finest memories I’m left with from our stay was their Sunday brunch, though. It easily ranks in my top 5 of best meals I’ve ever had. I know it’s not a good thing to enjoy, but I do like foie gras. They had a foie gras bar that included the absolute best foie gras I’ve ever had. I seriously could not keep my eyes open while eating it.

where to stay in bangkok

One of my colleagues sitting next to me said “it was an experience” just watching me eat all the scrumptious delights they offered. There were at least 5 rooms of foods which also included a caviar bar, a sticky rice with mango bar, homemade ice creams, a pasta bar that also had squid ink pasta, and more. I enjoyed one of the duck dishes so much I begged them for the recipe. When I return to Bangkok, this brunch is on my list.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Bangkok, do yourself a favor and make the splurge to stay here even a couple of nights. It’s a phenomenal experience. Make sure to choose the package that includes the breakfast buffet. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with it.

Do you have any affordable luxury recommendations for Bangkok?

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