Weirdest Travel Experience I’ve Had Yet

After spending 5 days in the rain forest, it was time to head up north to the coast.  My departing flight from Puerto Maldonado was delayed which meant a much longer wait in the Lima airport than I had wanted.  After finally arriving at the Cajamarca airport, I grabbed a cab.  The ride was a little scary when the driver felt it was necessary to explain to me why he was driving in the middle of the two-lane road.  Apparently, people like to ambush cars from the edge of the road at night.  That woke me up!  Thankfully, we arrived without incident in Pacasmayo.  I was so happy I could hear the ocean from my hotel room!

In the morning I enjoyed sitting outside eating my breakfast just a few meters from the gentle waves.  And then it was time to explore the town by my favorite method:  afoot.

A surfing mecca in Peru

This park is dedicated to peace between Peru & Ecuador

As I walked around the town, at first enjoying the colors and the occasional odd sight, including ducks, guinea pigs, and chickens for sale as food, I suddenly felt waves of depression wash over me.  They soon broke and changed into flareups of extreme anger.  I had never experienced anything like this before.  I was getting concerned.  I knew I had a big event waiting for me when I got home, but could it be attributed to that?  It was just so bizarre.  Friends made suggestions, I meditated, I walked, I ate. . . nothing worked.  I kept getting these rushes of extreme emotion.  When it persisted the whole day, I decided I was out of there!  I got online and made reservations for a hotel in Trujillo, arranged a cab, and then tried to make it through the night.

The next day I left Pacasmayo.  The further the taxi drove from the coastal town, the more my mood lifted.  I was smiling again!  Colors were fantastic.  Smells from restaurants and homes brought me joy.  I shrugged and said a silent prayer that whatever dark cloud was hanging over that town would quickly dissipate.

I ended up really enjoying my short time in Trujillo.  According to the cab driver, this is the 2nd largest city in Peru.  I checked into my hotel and was pleasantly surprised.  I couldn’t believe what I was getting for the price!  I dropped off my bags and hit the pavement to explore.  I loved Trujillo!  It’s on my list to go back and check out more, especially since there are some ruins nearby which are reportedly quite interesting.  Better yet, I was the only non-South American everywhere I went.  And any place that has street vendors selling flavored popcorn for 35 cents has to be good, right?

Government Building

The original water distribution system for Trujillo, c.16th century

This picture above is why I love just walking around and taking streets that seem like they may be interesting.  I just happened to run into this.

Counterfeiters are chained up for an eternity apparently.

And those weird experiences in Pacasmayo?  Never happened in Trujillo.  On my flight back to Lima to end my trip and return to the US, I picked up the local paper to read.  What was on the front page?  Pacasmayo experienced a 4.6 earthquake the day I left.  No injuries or destruction.  Is that wild or what? So if I ever get that feeling again, we’re hightailing it out of there. The only unusual behavior from animals was that I didn’t see any dogs in the town, something that isn’t normal for Peru.  No dog except for this one who was doing a fine impression of a gargoyle.

Thanks for joining me on my trip to Peru.

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    • I’ve been in so many earthquakes I just find it fascinating that this one affected me so strongly before it occurred. Such a bizarre experience!

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  1. That is a very strange feeling. I think sometimes we need to listen to those gut feelings. They often keep us safe.

    Dog on roof is strange, but very cute. Looks like an interesting place to visit though. I love old ruins (like the 16th century water system) I found so many Roaman ruins while in Spain. Was amazing!

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  2. Wow, you must have some sort of gift. Great pics too, can’t wait to get there

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    • It was the most odd experience I’ve ever had, and now I listen more quickly to those odd moments. That dog was so cute. Reminded me of something Pepe would do.

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  3. That’s eerie! Always good to listen to your intuition. 🙂

    That dog perched on the roof is so stately and adorable!

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    • He was such a cute gargoyle. When I saw him, I thought if my dog was up there he’d be yapping his head off at every single passerby.

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    • Thanks! Yes, he was very cute. Reminded me of a gargoyle. If that had been my dog, he would’ve been yapping his head off. LOL

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  4. How weird but what a great story it makes and a good prompt to stay in touch with your intuition. Trujillo looks amazing – ruins, beautiful buildings, no tourists and cheap popcorn – what’s not to like!

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    • And flavored popcorn at that! LOL Thanks

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  5. That’s really weird but fascinating as well, you must be very sensitive to that type of event. Lovely photos!

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    • So bizarre! Let me tell you, though, next time I get it I’m out of that area that day! LOL Thanks for the compliment on the photos!

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  6. Intuition to save the day! I love how the taxi driver shared his ‘robber avoidance’ strategy with you lol. Great pics by the way!

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    • Yeah wasn’t that kind of him? I was fighting sleep until he told me that. LOL I did notice him driving in the middle of the road, but it’s S. America. Lanes are just . . . guidelines. 🙂

      Thanks about the pics!

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