My Wish List for When I Visit Norway

I have been wanting to visit Norway for a long time. The Scandinavian countries have so much amazing nature and landscapes, and Norway has intrigued me the most. Between the waterfalls in Norway, the fjords, and quaint, colorful towns, it seems one could spend a good amount of time traveling through there.

This wish list could be pretty long if I included everything I wanted to do and see when I finally visit Norway, so I’ve included just some of the highlights of things I’ve found during research.

visit norway, svalbard

Svalbard Islands

These islands are located between Norway and the North Pole. The main town is Longyearbyen, which is also a certified sustainable destination.

In winter, people get around by snowmobiles and in summer by boat. Visitors can see glaciers, polar bears, the northern lights (during the right time of year), go hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, and so on. There are various cruises going around the islands as well so that you can experience all their grandeur.

Viking Ships

I’m fairly fascinated by the Vikings, and a big part of their culture included boats. In Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum has several Viking ships that are fully or nearly fully intact. They’re also known for having the complete Oseberg ship which came from the largest ship burial in the world.

The museum also has various artifacts from Viking life on display.

visit norway, lofoten


The Lofoten Islands have a lot to offer people who love nature and adventure, including diving and snorkeling. Sure, you’ll need to wear dry suits, but arctic waters tend to be crystal clear and you’ll likely find marine life you won’t see anywhere else.

There is even the possibility of surfing, and if you’re there in the summer there are wonderful hikes and biking routes.


This area offers some breathtaking scenery. There is a car ferry that also acts as a scenic cruise. The fjord is surrounded by majestic mountains.

There are two incredible waterfalls here—Seven Sisters and the Suitor. The falls face each other from across the fjord, and it’s said that the Suitor is trying to woo the sisters.

The Trollstigen mountain road is considered a must-see. From its description, it isn’t for the faint of heart, though.


This is the old wharf of Bergen. This is one of north Europe’s oldest port cities. It was a famous and popular center for trade in the 12th century. The wharf is now an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Only about a quarter of the original buildings remain, due to multiple fires, but many of the buildings are from the early 1700s.

I really enjoy seeing towns that are literally at the waters’ edge.

visit norway, gol stave church

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

I’m not one for stuffy museums, and while I enjoy viewing art I can’t say I’m really that interested in investing a lot of time in typical museums. This museum, however, has definitely caught my attention. It has more than 150 buildings from all over Norway, and they’re put together in an open-air museum.

It is considered to be the world’s first open-air museum, having been founded in 1881. One of its more impressive occupants is the Gol stave church. I would definitely love to see it in person and see how it looks on the inside.

The museum also focuses on furniture, textiles, technical and social culture as well as Sami culture.

What are your favorite sites when you visit Norway?

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  1. I’m so happy that you get to go! I haven’t been there myself – yet. The women in my family are taking a “grandmothers’ heritage tour” to both Norway and Finland next spring. Special family locations and immersion into the cultures will be key. I do hope you post more about Norway after you’ve visited, Talon. I love your practical and cultural advice, thank you. Enjoy Scandinavia!

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    • Oh, we aren’t going yet. This is just part of my wish list for when I finally do get to go. It’s still out of the immediate picture for me. 🙁

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