Unique Places to Stay with the Kids

Travelling with kids can add an extra dimension of challenge, but it is also quite fun, especially when you find unique places to stay like these.

Ryokans in Japan

Japan is an amazing destination to visit as it has numerous attractions for both the young and the old. With the rich culture associated with Japan, one of the best ways to delve into the mystic Japanese culture is staying in a ryokan. A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that offers accommodation just like in the ancient days. Your kids will live to remember the memories of the futon mattresses, tatami mats and the traditional experience in a Japanese ryokan.

In a ryokan, there are general rules that apply, the accommodation is relatively more expensive and kids have to share rooms with their parents. There is also a variety of ryokans to choose from—small family-run establishments or modern facilities with modern conveniences.

unique places to stay


A Yurt in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the places in the world that though ancient has practically remained the same through the centuries and the nomadic lifestyle goes on as usual. Travelling to Mongolia with kids can be one of the most memorable trips in your lifetime. Its unspoilt landscapes and traditional way of life feels like inhabiting a different planet all together. Let your kids go back in time and stay in this ancient mode of accommodation, the Mongolian Yurt. The yurts are circular tents made of felt and have floor rugs as the only furniture. It more or less feels like camping but in a traditional way. Mongolian yurts have been in existence for ages and most of the population in Mongolia still clings to this ancient form of accommodation.

An Old Villa in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in Italy. It is home to the fairy tale rolling hills with verdant vineyards, pretty hillside villages, ancient cities and charming rural lifestyle of the Italians. For your kids to enjoy the most of Italy and also create lasting memories, stay in an old villa in Tuscany and it will leave a lasting impression in your kids’ lives. Old villas are aplenty in Tuscany and range from rustic farmhouses to renovated palaces and castles. The advantages of old villa accommodations in Tuscany is that they offer spacious grounds with numerous facilities such as pools, tennis courts and some even have working farms. They also offer opportunities to taste the famous Italian cuisine and explore this picturesque region of Italy.

unique places to stay

A Treehouse in Spain

Spain is an established travel destination due to its fine weather, beaches, ancient treasures and the ability to entertain both the young and the old. While there is a wide array of fabulous family friendly resorts, sometimes memories are created out of the ordinary. Let your kids enjoy staying in a tree house in Spain and they will never forget the experience. Tree houses seem to bring out childhood memories and it is always fascinating being in a tree house overlooking great surroundings. In Spain, you can stay in treehouses near Barcelona and enjoy waking up to the sounds of nature. One of the popular treehouses is the Cabanes als Abres.


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