Review: The Non-Boring Safe Travel Guide

When considering international travel, many people express concerns about safety.  Unfortunately, if you do any amount of research on the Internet, especially if you view the US State Department’s travel advisories, you will easily be able to validate your most ominous fears.  Step off the plane, and you might as well kiss your life goodbye they seem to suggest.

Unless, of course, you carry what amounts to an ambulance worth of first aid supplies with you.  Treat your water!  Never eat any food that isn’t familiar and from a chain restaurant!  In fact, it’s better if you just bring your food along with you from the States.  Then maybe you’ll be safe.

As long as you don’t drink the water.

If you happen to survive the food and beverages, then most likely you’ll get mugged, kidnapped, shot at, or something else equally tragic.  You see where I’m going with this, right?

Thankfully, Elisabeth Sowerbutts has come out with a rather nice gem with this book containing sane travel health and safety tips.  In it you won’t find histrionic advice but down-to-earth suggestions for maintaining health while abroad.  While I’m a little less . . . prepared than she advocates, what I really like is she hasn’t gone crazy about it.

She invites you to consider some things but also encourages you to chillax and enjoy the journey, letting you know the world really is a safe place.

And right now you can get her great travel guide for free on your Kindle.  It’s REALLY hard to beat that price ladies & gentlemen.

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