Review: Get Paid for Your Pad

We have used Airbnb many times over the last few years of travel, and for the most part all of our experiences have been quite good. We’ve even stayed in touch with a couple of our hosts with whom we became friends.

As we are preparing to settle into a long-term base, I have considered possibly turning an extra room into an Airbnb rental for some extra income as well as an opportunity to meet new people. Because of that, I was quite interested in the ebook Get Paid for Your Pad when it became available for review.


The book is targeted more toward people who have luxury apartments/homes to rent out; however, I still found a lot of the advice to be useful for other rental situations as well.

The writers did a great job of organizing information into a very clear format, and they’ve covered pretty much every aspect you would want to know. I found a lot of their tips to be quite useful. Their suggestions are backed by their own experiences as well as those from some others.

They’ve managed to cover everything from the basics of renting out your place to what the kitchen should be stocked with to how to manage your listing in the Airbnb site, including how to make sure your offering gets the most attention it can.

If you have a place, or even a room, you’d like to rent out, I can highly recommend their book. It answered so many questions for me, and I learned a lot more about the other side of using Airbnb as a host.

You can purchase their book on Amazon.

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  1. Sounds interesting. With our settling into a base in Berlin, but still wanting to travel from here, I’ve been trying to convince Zab that renting our place out through Airbnb while we’re away is a good idea, he’s not so convinced. I can see how renting out a room while you’re there yourself would be much easier, though for me, having to live with other people is not the reason for having our own home. I like my space and privacy too much!

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    • Yeah, I’m not as big of a fan of the idea of renting out a spare room, although you can always block out the calendar when you feel like you just want some time without a guest. I think for a situation like you guys have, it would be great!

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  2. Reading it now. Got to the part about the sets of keys. Actually, two of my close family members have been robbed by neighbours who had spare keys while said relatives were away on holiday. I’d rather not wish that happen to my guest.

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