Piece of Heaven in Nepal

–by Grasya Bangoy of Grasya.com

Not many visitors go to Bhaktapur in Nepal, and that’s part of the reason why I love this place.


Some streets are almost deserted.. I could dance in the middle of a street, and spirits will think I’m nuts so I wont do that.

Another reason to love Bhaktapur, aside from being home to a UNESCO Heritage site, is that when you leisurely walk around, every little corner and even the people are like a living museum..


Bhaktapur is very different from the fast-paced lifestyle from your typical busy city. This is perfect for those who want to find some peaceful places to reflect. Bhaktapur is not really very remote because it has fancy coffee shops and guest houses around the area.. WIFI can be a challenge, but that’s also a perfect reason to find a place that is peaceful and quiet..


And you know what hidden paradise I have found in Bhaktapur? It’s Changgu Narayan..

Changgu Narayan is a few kilometers away from Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and you can conveniently go via bus or taxi.

Once you arrive, you can visit the oldest temple in Nepal, Changgu Narayan Temple. Originally built in the 4th century and reconstructed in 1702, this stunning structure is also a World Heritage site.


I learned of this temple’s existence when my host was checking out her new guest house in that area. The guest house is on top of a hill and surrounded by a community village.. I think it’s great for people who would like to find solace and still be able to integrate themselves within the local community.


If you look out of the guest house, this is your view


If you stroll around Changgu Narayan, you’ll observe that it’s an art-filled valley perfect for art lovers. Numerous artistic carvings and thanka paintings being sold on the streets are definite eye candy. I stare at these arts and wonder in awe how are they able to come up with such beautiful works..


If I can just sit in the corner and reflect on life, I’d do that, but we were only in Changu Narayan for a day.. so I just contented myself with reflecting on life while I sit in coffee shops in Bhaktapur. In Nepal, I know I found my piece of heaven in this vast Earth.


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  1. Ah Bhaktapur – the one place we really wanted to go to in Nepal and just ran out of time for. We were in Nepal for *only* a month (!) and squeezed in the Annapurna trek during most of this time. Our guide was from Bhaktapur and kept saying how beautiful it was and we must visit…

    Wifi a challenge in most of Nepal we thought? The blackouts don’t help.

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  2. Nepal looks really intriguing – thanks for this great guest post, Grasya! Hopefully you’ll post again on 1dad1kid.

    1dad1kid, I’ve added you on Twitter. Loving your site! I’ve also dreamed of raising a family in foreign lands, since living abroad myself, so kudos to you and Tigger!

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  3. Grace, really nice summary of Bhaktapur and Changunarayan. So glad you passed through here. About the guest house contact info: Star View B & B and Retreat Center, Changunarayan-1, Bhaktapur, Nepal. +977 9849930812. Our grand opening offer is our best room is $13 and includes three meals a day, WIFI, Ion foot bath treatments, organic coffee and teas and much more. Here is the link to our AirBnB page: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2533847?guests=1&s=WQxw

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