Our next destination has finally been picked!

We’re heading to:

Photo from Google Images

Madrid!  We leave in mid October.  We’ll be done housesitting in Cozumel about a week before we leave, so we’ll explore a little bit more on the mainland, or maybe return to one of our absolute favorite spots in the Yucatan, before heading to the other side of the planet.

I’m so excited Tigger gets to add his 3rd continent soon!

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  1. Wow. The photo is really amazing. What do you call that landmark? The lighting is just perfect. I hear there a lot of places that you could go and visit in Madrid.

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    • I’m not sure what landmark that is. It wasn’t labeled in Google Images.

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  2. We might see you in Spain depending on how long you stay, you never know! We’re in Italy right now (Rome) but we’ll head over at some point! Enjoy the rest of your time in Cozumel and have a safe trip!

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    • That would be cool! Right now I’m thinking we’ll spend a little time in Spain and then head south to Morocco for a while and then perhaps from there to Italy. Not sure. A current thought is to do Chrismakah in Italy and New Year’s in Paris, but we shall see.

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      • We thought of Morocco also ~ it’s hard not to want to visit there and Egypt so we may head down that direction as well. Also looking at Greece since a friend was just in Greece and had a great time. I don’t like cold weather (I vacated Colorado over 20 years ago to be rid of the freezing winters) so we’ll be staying to the warmer climates. Maldives is looking nice or anywhere in the Malaysian area! 🙂

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        • We considered chasing the nice weather, too, and still may do that. Not huge fans of bitter cold either.

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          • Right now we’re having some trouble finding places to stay for Sept in Italy so we talked about heading to Spain. A good friend loves it there also and since my experience is sorely lacking I take advice from anyone willing to give it, plus I’m easy going so it’s all good for me. 🙂 My son loves the beach and anywhere we can swim so that’s usually on the list if we can swing it. lol

          • Have you looked at Pescara, Italy?

          • I’m looking ~ it looks lovely!!

  3. I love Spain! I lived all over the country for 3 years about a decade ago and more recently traveled with my (then 7 yo) daughter for 3 months. You guys are going to love it!

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    • Wonderful! I’ve wanted to go there for so long so am really looking forward to it!

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