Our 1st World Record Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Vogel family when we all happened to be in Cusco, Peru, at the same time (well, sans Tigger).  In case you aren’t up to speed, this family began bicycling (yes, you read that right) from the top of North America when they were 10 years old and just recently completed their 17,300-mile journey after 1015 days and traversing 15 countries.  David Vogel and his brother, who will be featured in our next post, are the youngest people to have cycled the entire Pan-American Highway (Guinness World Records official certification pending).  They are now 13 years old and adjusting to the next phase of their life in the States.

David likes to play soccer and build things with Legos. He is good at making things with Legos and i good at soccer. He also likes to ride his bike on the green belt in Boise, Idaho.

The End of the World!

How old were you when you began traveling with your family? Was your first experience of international travel before you began doing it long-term?

Well, I know my first plane ride was when I was like three weeks or something like that, and we did a couple day bike rides every once in a while. I can’t remember when we started – Mom says we’ve been traveling all my life. [N.B.: This is important to note when reading his answers. As per their mom: They don’t really know any other way of life.]

Whose idea was it to do long-term travel in your family?


Please do a brief explanation of the trip your family undertook.

The first was around the US and Mexico (we started in 2006) and the second is from Alaska to Argentina (we started in 2008) [They finished their journey less than a month ago.]

When your family began planning the long trip, what were you excited about?

A couple years back, and yes I was exited about being away from school for a long time.

What were your concerns or fears?

Running out of food or getting really hurt.

Do you see the world differently now that you’ve visited other countries? How do you think travel will change your life as an adult?

No, I have no idea.

When you’re an adult, do you plan to continue long-term international travel?


If you become a parent, do you see yourself doing this with your own family?


If you could go back in time, would you change anything about your family’s decision to do this?


What is your favorite part of travel? What is your favorite memory so far?

Being in nature. I don’t know because there are so many good places.

What would you like parents to know who are considering doing a trip like this with their children?

Do it but make sure you have good bikes and know how to fix flat tires.

Would you recommend this type of travel to other families? What would your advice be to parents so that they can make travel more enjoyable and meaningful for their kids?

Always have something to talk about no matter what (anything interesting will do).

What would you say to other kids who are about to go on a similar journey as your family?

Have fun.

What would you suggest to other kids to bring on their trip and what to leave behind?

Leave behind big and heavy things that are unnecessary and bring some small light things.

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    • Thank you! Have a couple more to add as well. J It was really fun for me to hear their perspectives and shared wisdom.

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  1. That family just amazes me. My legs are tired just READING about their 4 years of bike riding.

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    • Isn’t it amazing? And on top of it, they’re wonderful people.

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  2. These interviews are really fun – it’s great to see the kids enjoying travel so much and recommending it to other families. 🙂

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    • I love that part too.

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  3. Love the idea of this trip/adventure/lifestyle. Fantastic way to parent and teach your kids all about life and the world they live in. I hope to be able to do this too someday. Harder I imagine with three very young kids, but I guess I could always wait until they are older or do three different trips and customize each one for the unique interests of each of my kids.

    Cheers to you!!

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    • IDK, I recently connected with a family doing it with 9 kids! Another has 5. The Vogels did it with twins, on bikes! So it’s definitely possible. 🙂

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