Our 1st Video

After living in southern Morocco for a bit, we’ve eaten a lot of camel meat.  One day in the store, we were in a silly mood, and I brought up making camel balls for our spaghetti.  That quickly morphed into a song about camel balls.  We’ve played around with the lyrics for a while, and since Tigger got a camcorder for Chrismakah, we finally recorded it for you.

We hope you enjoy it.  Introducing: Camel Balls

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  1. I’ve had caldo de bola from ecuador and my friends would laugh when i translated it to ball soup in english. Explaining it had peanut butter, boiled egg, meat and was made of plantains gave them a headache but it’s soooo good.

    What’s in the camel balls that makes them taste so good? besides camel meat.. obviously..

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    • I never had caldo be bola in Ecuador, but man that sounds YUMMY!

      The only thing I added to the camel balls was different herbs and seasonings.

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    • LOL! I loved when Tigger started giggling and couldn’t finish. So darn cute.

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  2. Love it! I too have considered fiddling with a bit of video for TravelnLass, but – I fear that my video (non)-talents would be embarrassingly dorky.

    LOL, Ah but… now that I’ve seen YOURS – I’m thinkin’… shoot, mine can’t possibly be as silly as THAT! 😉

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  3. Cute! The song, that is….I’m not sure I can get behind the idea of camel balls. 🙂

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    • But they’re round and brown and squishy and lots of fun! 🙂

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