Embracing the mundane

We tend to be rather adventurous, always looking for something new to experience, or a new area to explore. Generally, when we first arrive in a new place, we drop our stuff off wherever we’re staying, and we hit the road to explore. We are coming up on our 2nd month in Romania, and most of that time has been spent in one city. In reviewing our last year, that’s the longest we’ve spent in one place since the oasis in Morocco a year ago. That is a lot of moving around. Now that we’ve kind of hit the brakes, we’re learning to embrace more of the mundane parts of life.

Mundane life on the oasis

Although, even some of the mundane things can be an adventure. Now that we have a kitchen with an actual oven, I’ve hit my baking mood quite fiercely. Our first grocery store adventure was trying to find cream for Tigger’s favorite meal. Sounds easy, right? HA! It took me about 20 minutes of staring, asking, checking out translations on my phone, shaking containers, etc., before I finally found what I needed.

Only to discover it wasn’t the right type of cream once we got home.

Next came the adventure of finding yeast. I looked it up. An easy word. No problem. I asked a worker in the store where was the yeast (in Romanian). “What kind?” CRAP! He listed off several words, and I picked the one that seemed closest in my memory of translations.

Thankfully, the aisle also had some packages labeled in English so I could confirm it. PHEW.

Who knew grocery shopping could be such an adventure!

Mundane life in Morocco

Now that we have a rather comfortable abode, we tend to enjoy our time at home. We go out for a walk most days. Since we have to carry all our groceries a good distance, we tend to make 2-3 trips a week to different markets depending on our needs. Only one lives up to our expectations for phenomenal produce, and that is a bit more of a walk.

Occasionally, we take side streets we haven’t walked down before just to see what we find.

But for the most part, we’re kind of settled. A big change from the last year of hopping around almost weekly in some cases. We had month-long housesits here and there, but we also spent a lot of time moving at a fairly quick pace (to us).

It was almost an adjustment to be okay with just staying put at home and not feeling a need to go out and do and see daily.

Mundane life at home

During long-term travel, there is really a lot to be said for just slowing completely down. Even coming to a complete halt for a while. Even if you aren’t traveling! So much of life, be it like ours or a more traditional one, is go, go, go, that there is extreme value in stopping and hitting refresh.

Although, we are both starting to feel the itch again.

We have our current apartment until we head for Vienna for the holidays, but we are tempted to do some short trips. I wrestle with that only because I think it would be nice to have more time of not moving before we begin hopping around for a while again after the new year. Even though there is so much to see and experience!

We might do some 1- to 2-day trips nearby, but as appealing as a weeklong trip is right now, the mundane keeps whispering in my ear: It’s okay to not move around for a while.

I think it may just be right.

What parts of “mundane life” do you thoroughly enjoy?

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  1. I always appreciate the mundane when I’m busy going from one destination to the next too fast. Then when things have slowed down I’m off to plan another getaway!

    I like being an expat not only because I don’t have to live out of a suitcase but also because it’s a bit of both worlds!

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    • Yes, it’s very nice to be able to just slow things down and enjoy things. Sometimes the simple parts of life are great memories.

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  2. When I was living in Ireland I remember appreciating the fact that I wasn’t an actual tourist and got to live the Irish life for a good while. I kept a journal, and Noel is the only one who’s ever read any of that. Since he put it down some time ago and hasn’t picked it back up (that I know of), I’m thinking there must have been a lot of that *mundane* going on, there….

    When I think back on that time, it is actually the mundane that comes to mind and makes me smile ;~).

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  3. Life is only mundane if you let it be, even at home there are times when I just want to be

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    • I think it’s good to have mundane moments. Helps you enjoy the exciting moments that much more.

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  4. You’ll get no argument from me (the lass who spent nearly a year in Dalat alone – albeit interspersed with various ‘n sundry jaunts to Oz, Laos and some mighty sweet beaches in Vietnam. Shoot, I too am well into my 2nd month here in Chiang Mai, and it seems like I just arrived last week!

    Indeed, absolutely nothing at all “mundane” about slow traveler’s “mundane”. I mean, you may be sitting tight for a goodly while, but you’re doing it… in a completely foreign country where you don’t speak the language nor have a clue about how to accomplish a myriad of small and large everyday chores like… finding something as simple as CREAM for heaven’s sake!

    Nosireee, plenty of “adventure” to be had everyday of the week while settled in one spot – when that spot isn’t your same ol’-same ol’ native land.

    Enjoy your sweet MUNDANE, my friend!

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