Another World-Record Holder Shares His Insights

Daryl Vogel, now 13 years old, is the other half of the world-record holding duo that are the youngest people to bicycle the length of the Pan-American Highway. I hope you enjoy his responses as much as I did. Daryl says he really doesn’t have many hobbies. However, he does like to read, watch TV, play soccer, and play video games.

How old were you when you began traveling with your family? Was your first experience of international travel before you began doing it long-term?

When I was 6 weeks old I went and lived in Ethiopia.  My parents were living there at the time, but Mom went back to the USA for us to be born there. I’m not really sure what long-term travel is but I think that the answer would be yes. [N.B. Their mother has wisely pointed out that the boys have traveled their whole life and don’t really know any different.]

Whose idea was it to do long-term travel in your family?

I don’t know.

Please do a brief explanation of the trip your family undertook.

When we were in 3rd grade we took a trip around the U.S. and Mexico, then in 5th grade we left to go from Alaska to Argentina and planning to end in 7th grade. [These were all on bicycles.]

When your family began planning the long trip, what were you excited about?

I didn’t know what to be excited about, that was what was so exciting.

What were your concerns or fears?

That we would get hit by a car or truck.

Do you see the world differently now that you’ve visited other countries? How do you think travel will change your life as an adult?

I don’t think so but I’ve never been this age and not visited other countries. I don’t think it will change my adult life but I’ve never been an adult and not traveled.

When you’re an adult, do you plan to continue long-term international travel?

Yes, but I don’t know where I want to go.

If you become a parent, do you see yourself doing this with your own family?


If you could go back in time, would you change anything about your family’s decision to do this?

If I changed anything I would lose the inspiration to change anything so that would be impossible.

What is your favorite part of travel? What is your favorite memory so far?

My favorite part is doing something different nearly every day, and my favorite memory is either sand-surfing in Peru or river-hiking in Belize.

What would you like parents to know who are considering doing a trip like this with their children?

How to fix bikes.

Would you recommend this type of travel to other families? What would your advice be to parents so that they can make travel more enjoyable and meaningful for their kids?

If they want to then I recommend it. My advice would be to bring a Kindle or other E-reader because it’s hard to find English books in Latin America.

What would you say to other kids who are about to go on a similar journey as your family?

Have fun.

What would you suggest to other kids to bring on their trip and what to leave behind.

Bring all-weather gear and an E-reader, leave behind everything else.

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