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I love packing cubes. I think they are one of the best travel accessories ever created. As far as I’m concerned, cubes should be on everyone’s travel checklist. They’re just wonderful.

When Eagle Creek offered to send me items to try out and review, I found packing cubes that also compressed.

Packing cubes that compress, you say? I just had to try them out!

We have a 6-week break before another house sit in Yorkshire. As we’re returning to the same sit, we thought it would be awfully fun to leave our suitcases behind and just do carry-ons. Cheaper and easier. Always a nice combo.

This was the perfect time to give the Pack-It Specter cube a trial since I’m carrying all my stuff in a messenger bag. Yes, a messenger bag for 6 weeks. I know people who pack way more than that for a weekend trip. In fact, I used to be one of them.

Normally, the packing cube I use for my shirts looks like this. I wanted to see how much of a space savings the compression cube would give me.

Travel checklist accessories

The original cube takes up quite a bit of room.

Here is the compression cube fully expanded with the same amount of shirts inside (three XL T-shirts).

Travel checklist item

And compressed

Travel checklist item

Notice the height comparisons with the candle holder? Quite a nice compression I’d say. How does it affect my space?


HUGE difference! Interestingly, my original cube is a medium size. The compression one is their half cube.

When I had both the full and half-size cubes in the same compartment, I still had plenty of room in the same section plus the divided area behind them. With the regular cubes, my bag would be almost completely filled to carry 2 T-shirts, medications, toiletries, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of socks, and swim trunks.

Basically, with the compression cubes I doubled my space. Not too shabby!

Another feature I like is that when the cube is compressed, you can still quickly get into your bag and remove something. You don’t have to unzip the entire bag each time you want to get it into it.

Since they aren’t using vacuum creation to effect the compression, you also aren’t out of luck if you get a tear. They are more durable than I expected, too. I ended up catching part of the bag when compressing it for the first time. I wasn’t super gentle getting it unstuck, and it didn’t tear or have a puncture.

If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that I don’t let a discounted (or zero) price tag get in the way of my assessment. I am always asking myself how I would feel if I had paid the full price.

So what’s my opinion when I apply that principle to these cubes?

Well, let’s just say I’ll be buying more. I’m really quite pleased with these and would highly recommend they get added to your travel checklist.

Are you as big a fan of packing cubes as me? What other accessories do you love?

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  1. Sounds like a really handy accessory. I’ve been approached by Eagle Creek to review their products as well … looks like I might be taking them up on their offer!

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  2. I don’t know how I lived before packing cubes! They seriously make life so much easier. Interesting to know about the benefits of the compression cubes though- sounds like a new thing for me to get addicted to! 🙂

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    • Oh yeah! I can’t wait to get some more. The things that excite you when you’re on the road. LOL

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  3. These packing cubes look pretty good. We use packing cubes already but the ones we have don’t compress, it looks like it can make a huge difference, gotta try them at some point. Thanks for sharing Talon! 🙂

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  4. I actually got my new ultra lightweight cubes the other week. I really like it! Customize packing space and it keeps clothing and accessories very organized.

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  5. If you love the cubes check out the Pack-It Folder. Also by Eagle Creek. It is my favorite packing accessory. The folder is great for shirts while the cubes are good for everything else.

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  6. Totally need some of these in my life! Does this mean I can pack more when I travel……?
    Well, I guess at least I can be a bit more organised when I travel, something I’m constantly contending with! 🙂

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  7. We’ve been here in Mexico for 3 months now and we’re still using our Packing Cubes on a daily basis, I love them thanks to you! Not sure if we’ll get around to trying out the compressed ones as we usually hit the weight limit about the same time the suitcase is full! Since we’re slow traveling, I slip the smaller bags into the drawers and they work great.

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    • You know, just because you can get more space doesn’t mean you have to fill it! lol Yes, I do that sometimes as well. Makes unpacking on the road a breeze!

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  8. They look fantastic. I have used the same in non compression for all my trip and love them. These seal well. Excellent!

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  9. I’ve been looking to try these out for a while – how did you find things go in terms of wrinkles?

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  10. Good to know. I’ve been looking at cubes for a long time, but feel like I want to wait until I find the “perfect” bag. You know the one, perfect for carry-on but I can still get everything I need into it?! Ha!

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