A special, spontaneous Thanksgiving

A few years ago, shortly after Tigger’s adoption became final, Thanksgiving was upon us.  Usually we had a house full of friends, but that year people had other plans, needed to spend time with their own families, etc.,and so we ended up just having a very small dinner at home with one of my coworkers.  Our company gave us a four-day weekend for the holiday.  I wanted to do something special, especially since traveling was no longer a pain (since Tigger was no longer a foster child), and so I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to head to Mount Rushmore for the long weekend.  I was able to use one of my vacation days to extend the holiday, and so Friday morning we got in the car and drove to the Black Hills.

Mount Rushmore is an iconic location in the United States.  Not wanting to get only “the usual shots,” I was so happy when we were walking along the trail near the monument and noticed a small cave.  We entered it, and I spied a photo op that seemed more. . .original.  I snapped this shot, and it has remained one of my favorite photos from our time in South Dakota, next to the picture of my wild-haired, goofy son with the presidential likenesses behind him..

Have you ever taken a spontaneous road trip out of state? What was yours like?

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