A Photographic Journey Through Firenze (Florence)

I didn’t really expect to enjoy Firenze as much as I did. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through its historical streets and narrow passageways. I loved being thoroughly surprised by finding gorgeous churches and/or plazas in unexpected places.

Florence is definitely a city you don’t explore without a camera or device that can take good photos. It’s an extremely photogenic city.

Street Art of Firenze

I was very surprised by the amount and quality of Florentine street art. It made exploring even more fun because you’d find some of the most unusual art in seemingly random places.

2015-04-30 12.51.08


firenze, florence

This was part of a series found around the city.

2015-04-30 12.51.13


The Duomo is the most talked about church in the city and deservedly so. However, there are some other gorgeous places of worship throughout the city.

firenze, florence

This church is a bit hard to find, and it is part of local lore.

firenze, florence2015-04-29 17.40.42DSC_0047DSC_0071firenze, florence

Exploring Firenze

I took about 100 photos a day on average, so this is just a small selection. We did a food tour on our last day, and I discovered even more of the city that I need to explore when we go back. As I said before about Florence, 3 days just isn’t enough.

firenze, florence

Copy of the Rape of the Sabine Women. The original is on display near the Palazzo Vecchio but will be moved indoors soon.


When you visit Firenze, remember to never leave your place without your camera. You just never know what you’ll run into.

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  1. I love Italy but know little about Florence. I definitely need to explore. The series art looked very interesting.

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  2. You probably need 3 months to explore! My favourite photo is that of the Renaissance lady and gentleman wearing goggles.

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  3. Well, you can leave your camera at home if you’re just looking at the inside of the Duomo… nothing to see there! 😉

    Interesting to see your street art shots; we spent 5 days in Florence (which, ironically, we thought was too much time!) and although we spent most of that time wandering, I don’t remember seeing any of that street art! Maybe it’s been a recent addition to the city in the last year?

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    • So true about the Duomo! Talk about dichotomies.

      The street art may be newer. I don’t know. I just know we saw a LOT of it. But not in the tourist zone so much. It was in more of the neighborhoods away from there.

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