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As many of you know, this July (2012) I finished and published my first fantasy novel just a few days after celebrating my 44th birthday in a Mexican fishing village.

In just 10 days, Tigger will be experiencing his first transatlantic flight and will be setting his feet upon his third continent.  Within a month, his cute not-so-little-anymore self will have arrived on his fourth continent (and by the end of March 2013 he may just well be on his 6th!).

We are VERY excited for new adventures in Spain. Beginning mid November, we’ll be spending 2 months living in an oasis in southern Morocco while we housesit. I am particularly excited for that!  I’ve wanted to go to Spain and Morocco for YEARS, and it’s finally happening!

We’ve been traveling for over 500 days now, and we absolutely love it.  When I began planning this new life, however, I didn’t have as much fun researching the various visa requirements.  I found the State Department’s website to be . . . less than helpful.

I figured I can’t possibly be the only person planning to visit multiple countries and not enjoying this side of travel, so I decided to write a book that would be a great travel resource to help other US citizen travelers.  I made sure to include all the things I thought might be useful and helpful, and then some other people were kind enough to go through it and give me some additional suggestions.  Thankfully, I had a nice blend of seasoned travelers, occasional travelers, and those who just dream about travel.

In addition to quick notes about visa requirements, you’ll find helpful tips and info, as well as links and stories from people who have experienced unique challenges for obtaining visas, had unusual experiences in a country, or have great tips for avoiding popular scams in a specific country.

One of Tigger’s passport pages

I think this will be a really valuable travel resource for you.  Because I want to make sure it’s accessible to everyone, it’s also VERY low priced.  I hope you’ll check it out, and please pass the word along to your friends, et al.

Because you’re here reading our lovely little blog, I’d like to give you a discount:  If you buy the book through Smashwords (available in PDF, RTF, ePUB, MOBI for Kindle, LRF, Palm Doc, and HTML for online reading), make sure to use the code FQ52Z for 30% off the regular price.

Here are links for Amazon and Barnes&Noble.  Unfortunately, they don’t make it as convenient as Smashwords to generate coupons.

Now that my first nonfiction book is done, I’m returning to my favorite fiction genre—fantasy!  If you’d like to keep updated on those projects, including the sequel to Rise of the Djall, please follow my author Facebook page, Twitter, or visit my author site (a work still very much in progress).  I try to keep the non-travel and travel worlds and projects separate so you don’t get bored.  I’m just thoughtful that way.

And, thank you.  I so appreciate that people come to read about our adventures, our thoughts, check out our photos, etc.  It feels so wonderful to be part of such a wonderful community.

The Kindle version’s cover since Amazon only displays small images

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  1. Amazing Talon. This is going to be amazing. We should talk, i’m working on my own project maybe I can include your resource as part of my product. Like a Joint venture of some sort. No sense in re creating the wheel when you’ve made an amazing product already..:)

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    • Just finished reading your post actually. LOL Sure, let’s chat some time.

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      • My product has been 2 years in my head. 6 months planning and now i’m ready to start creating. Been so scared to do it because so many others already have made products but i have a plan to make mine stand out a little.

        Anyways, I’ll send you an email day either tomorrow or the day after.
        I never contributed anything to your book. Not sure if you were looking or already have someone who gave you info for staying in France for over 90 days. For your next update let me know if you need visa info for france long stay. we just renewed. waiting to hear if it was approved or not.

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        • Sure. If you blog about the experience, send me a link, and I’ll include it, or you can write it up as a story, etc., and I’d be happy to include it in the next update.

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    • Thanks! I think a similar resource for Australians/New Zealanders is next. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Talon – you’re really on a literary roll here! Looks like it is a most handy resource, but I have to wonder…

    g-knows here in Vietnam, the visa requirements seem to change w/ the wind. I’ve been here nearly a year now (just got my fourth 3 month multi-entry visa,) and each time, the process been slightly different.

    Does you’re book come with updates?

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    • So many visa requirements are like that. And it can change from person to person, too, since it’s often left up to the border official. Just one of the “joys” of travel.

      I do plan on updating the book at certain intervals, but I haven’t determined what that will be. I am also considering doing a subscription service where people will get updates as official policies change. Wanting to make sure I can actually sustain that properly before I decide on it and the interval.

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  3. EXCELLENT!! SO helpful because it can be a real pain in the butt figuring out the whole visa thing. THANK YOU!

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