5 Must-Visit Essential Croatia Destinations

Croatia is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. That is easy to explain – with this country’s amazing culture, history and nature nobody will deny that it is worth coming here once in a while.

croatia, istria


Istria is a Western Croatian region which is relatively more remote than other more famous tourist destinations. For this reason, Istria is not that famous among visitors but that should be changed for sure. This region is part Italian with a significant Italian population and many cultural features of the neighbor country. Here you can also find the most scenic vineyards and Italian cuisine as well. So once you are in Istria, be sure to try a fresh pasta dish with truffles local to the area!

croatia, losinj


Another not-so-famous Croatian destination you should visit one day is the island of Losinj. This small island in the northern Adriatic Sea has a classic Mediterranean vibe everyone will love instantly. Here you can also find cute little beaches not yet crowded by annoying tourists and enjoy a peaceful way of life. Prices in Losinj are also great, therefore everyone can afford a few days in this little Croatian pearl.

croatia, cavtat


Very near the infamous city of Dubrovnik you will find another amazing little Croatian town called Cavtat. Situated on an idyllic bay, Cavtat will surely be one of the cutest and most memorable places you will visit in a country. Moreover, the city is a relatively close escape from the crowds of Dubrovnik, and it can also be a more budget-friendly option for travelers who want to visit Dubrovnik but don’t want to pay extra to stay there. Apart from all of that, Cavtat is indeed a charming, adorable and amazing city with traditional and real Croatian atmosphere.

croatia, plitvice

Plitvice Lakes National Park

One of the most amazing of Croatia’s sites, a real treasure and masterpiece of nature and a real dream world for people adoring water and forests – Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-visit for everyone. Located about an hour from the capital city of Zagreb, this park will never disappoint you. Waterfalls and rivers, trees and bushes, and crystal clear lakes all create a really magical and unique atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in this world.  However, take notice that crowds are common, so you should plan your visit here as early in the morning as possible. But even with all of those masses, you will never forget this magical work of nature.

croatia, korcula


Our list ends with the last Croatian destination we would love to recommend you today – Korcula Island. The only way to reach it is by ferry, but that is the biggest plus of the whole trip because you can observe the beauty of this medieval town even better. After exploring the old city and ancient buildings, here you can enjoy fantastic beaches and crystal clear waters as well. And the best part is, of course, the fact that you won’t find tons of tourists as well. Korcula is small, far away and not yet discovered and that is why you should hurry up there right away.

Have you been to Croatia? Which less-visited places would you recommend?


Author: Joseph Hanover

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  1. Croatia will definitely be a highlight of my jaunt across Europe … can’t wait!

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  2. Great suggestions however istria is actually the most visited region in Croatia. It may not be for the fly in tourist from America and Australia who do the typical southern area and islands route however the Europeans and people in the know that drive into the country frequent this area regularly. Losinj I believe also surpassed a million night stays last year thus is also very popular

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    • Most of our readers are from the US. And the main purpose of the article wasn’t strictly to highlight less-visited places but ones that shouldn’t be missed, which do happen to include some lesser known sites.

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