Shower Gift Ideas for Dads

When it comes to baby showers, it seems moms get all the attention. However, the soon-to-be dad should be included in the festivities. They are also excited about having a baby and many dads want to help with diaper changes, baths and bedtime routines. Listed below are a few gift ideas on what to get for the new dad.


The Diaper Bag

If your spouse plans on taking strolls with the baby, having a versatile diaper bag is probably the preferred choice. If he’s a sports fan, professional sports have diaper bags allowing him to pay homage to his favorite team while having a place for all the essentials, neat and organized. If you live in the city, baby gifts like the city backpack will make it easy to take your little one anywhere with their supplies secured to your back. As a bonus, it includes a changing pad and removable travel bag.

Creative Gifts Sure to Bring Smiles

A tool belt is a wonderful manly item. You can stuff the pockets with all kinds of baby essentials like baby wipes, creams, ointments, a nasal aspirator, and a set of goggles, packs of candy, and instant coffee just for him. A survival kit is another fun way to include dad. You can create a list on heavier stock paper and then fill a cute basket with the items listed.

Personalized Matching T-Shirts

Whether you’re welcoming a boy or a girl, giving soon-to-be parents matching tees with cute baby-related phrases offers a wonderful way to keep dad in the loop. You can go online or create the tees on your own.

Books Aren’t Just for New Moms

While you may automatically reach for a “New Parent” book for moms, dads need them too. You can find an assortment in your local book store or online designed for dads. While no book holds all the answers to the many questions new parents have, it’s a great way to include dad in on the learning process and become familiar with how to do things. Gift one to him and see him begin to read it, page by page. Better yet, gift a book to mommy too. This way they can double-down on their efforts and perfect their skills.


Tools to Create the Perfect Space

Many new parents want their newborn’s room to be brand new. Give the dad a nice set of tools necessary to complete the job. Package them up with a bottle of his favorite liquor and a few cigars and you’ll have one happy camper. Or, if you prefer, you can acquire an assortment of safety items like outlet covers, bumpers for furniture and locks for cabinets, doors, and windows. Even though you won’t need it for several months, it will give him something to look forward to in the future.

An Overnight Bag

People often gift moms with a package that contains a comfortable robe and slippers and a stylish nightgown to make the new mom feel good after delivery. Some hospitals are now encouraging first-time parents to spend their first night together bonding with their newborn. Giving dad the same gift that includes a set of PJs, robe and slippers will make him feel special and a part of the experience. You can use the travel bag again on your next trip to exciting places around the world like Budapest, with your little one.

Travel Mug

A travel mug that includes a slot to insert photos of the new baby and family will become a treasured item that dad will proudly cart along every time he leaves the home. Whether he’s drinking a hot or cold beverage, a stainless steel tumbler will keep his drink at the desired temperature.

Having a baby is exciting for men too. Dads are involved today. Show the love and support with gifts that include him in the special event.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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