Why Renting an Airbnb is Better for Families Traveling Long-Term

There are many factors to consider when planning a long-term trip, yet deciding where to stay is at the top of the list. You need a safe and decent place to sleep, eat, and spend time when you’re not out exploring. Although there are several options for accommodations, some are more convenient than others. Take Airbnb rentals, for example. They offer multiple benefits for families that far surpass hotels. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

More Affordable

One of the first advantages to renting an Airbnb is affordability. Depending on your travel destination, hotels can cost $100 or each night. If you have a large family, this price increases. The nightly rate typically includes a bed, bathroom, seating area, and basic amenities like a mini-fridge, microwave, and hairdryer. However, Airbnb properties can be rented for far less per night and include way more amenities. Some Airbnb property owners even offer discounts to individuals that reserve a stay for more than a week, saving you even more money.

Better Amenities

Airbnb rentals come with a lot of perks. They are houses or apartment units that come with everything from multiple bedrooms and bathrooms to a fully-stocked kitchen and living room. Some rental properties even have swimming pools and outdoor kitchens for more fun and entertainment. When you consider that you aren’t going to go out every day during a long-term trip, having ample space similar to your home is ideal. You and your family can lounge around, play games, or head outdoors for some fun and entertainment without having to venture off the premises (or spend a dime).

Great For Pets

Does your long-term family trip include your pet? Although there are hotels that allow guests to pay an extra fee for dogs to stay, it can get uncomfortable after a while. You, your significant other, and your children are all cramped in a room with a dog. Your dog can become anxious due to the limited space for roaming and exercise. An Airbnb provides more space and a home-like vibe that works for families with pets. Your dog can roam around the property freely, and you have plenty of outdoor space to run around, play, and engage in exercise.

More Freedom

Let’s face it. Kids aren’t always the quietest or well-behaved. Sometimes, they want to run around, rough house, play games, and just be free. It’s kind of hard to keep this under control in a hotel where you share a space with other guests. An Airbnb offers a personal space with more privacy where you and your kids can feel free to be as loud and free as you’d like. There’s no set time when the pool will close, no need to worry about your dog barking, and no need to share common areas with strangers.

Save On Travel Budget

Sticking to a budget is extremely important when it comes to long-term travel. You have a set amount of cash that you can spend each day on everything from food to entertainment. Renting an Airbnb property can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses. A fully-equipped kitchen means that you can go grocery shopping and prepare many of your meals, saving you hundreds on dining out. Secondly, on the days you don’t plan on doing much, you can stay indoors. In a hotel, you feel limited and trapped by staying in the room all day, but an Airbnb is your own private oasis to participate in whatever activities you’d like.

If you and your family are traveling for several weeks at a time, a hotel may not be the best option. They’re more expensive, offer little space, and few amenities which can complicate your trip. As Airbnb properties have become a more popular option worldwide, you’re encouraged to look into openings for long-term travel. It’s like a home away from home that gives you everything you need to have a good time without breaking the bank.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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