Real Ways to Save Big on Air Travel

You never know when an airline will drop its prices and give you the best deal on airfare. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal right when you need it. Before you book your next flight, it pays to keep these tips in mind if you want the best deal possible.


Clear Your Browser Data

Clearing your browser’s cookies and history is a good idea when booking an airline ticket. Why? It gets rid of your search history, giving you a fresh start when browsing for airfare. It’s kind of like getting anonymous car insurance quotes online. By omitting certain personal details, you end up with a cheaper quote. Cookies contain information used to generate higher price quotes for airfare. Save yourself some money and delete those cookies before you search.

Consider Using a Credit Card

This tip is a no-brainer. Using credit cards when booking a flight can hook you up with reduced prices and even free flights down the road. If you often use the same airline, request a credit card to get bonus points with each mile that you fly, as well as earn you some extra points every time you use your card. Save your points, and book a future flight for free.


Look for New Promotions

Airlines will offer deals and promotions at various times during the year to get more people in the air. However, you may not be aware of them when they’re happening. The best way to find these promotions is to sign up for emails or text alerts with the airlines. Another way is to follow the airlines on their social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. You’ll receive a notification every time they post an offer or a promo code, giving you a reduced price for your next flight.

Choose a Different Airport

Not all airports are the same. In fact, some of them charge way less than others, especially smaller airports that need the business. Choosing an airport that’s a few hours away may save you a couple of hundred bucks despite having more miles to drive. If you’re landing at an airport and renting a car, see what deals are available at the various airports in the area. The extra money that you spend on gas is well worth the savings on airfare.

Book a Flight With Stops

You may want to get to your destination as quickly as possible without any layovers or stops during the trip. It seems reasonable. However, it’s not always the cheapest option. A nonstop flight is very convenient and gets you where you need to be quick. It’s also the most environmentally friendly option. A flight with stops may not sound very convenient, but it may save you hundreds of dollars in the end. If you want to save money and see a few more places along the way, check out the rates for a flight with multiple stops.

Doing the little things, such as clearing your browser data and looking out for daily promotions, will help you get the best deal on airfare. Remember to check for a lower price even if you’ve already booked your ticket. You never know – the airline may credit you for the difference.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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