Great, Practical Presents for New Parents That Aren’t Diapers

When new parents sit down to make a list of all the things they need for their baby—whether it’s diapers, baby formula, etc.—it becomes an endless stream. It seems like something is always forgotten when they leave the store. As a friend, godmom, uncle, or grandpa, there is always the inclination to ask: “What do you need?” The truth is, they need everything. The real question is: “What don’t you need?” Parenthood is a gift in itself, but you can sweeten the deal with some great items sure to help the new parents on their journey. Here are a few unexpected but practical gift items that prove that even the simplest thing can be the best present for new parents.

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Diaper Cream

Everyone thinks of diapers, but what about diaper cream? Diaper cream is important to keep rashes from forming. If a rash forms, that can cause hours of irritation until mom or dad returns home with rash cream. Brands like Desitin, A+D Ointment, or Aquaphor are all affordable and effective formulas that prevent rash; grab a few and make a diaper cream basket of sorts—funny but useful.


Wipes go hand-in-hand with diaper cream. If parents never have enough diapers, they will certainly never have enough wipes. Be sure to check with the parents to know whether the baby has any special sensitivities.

Soft Washcloths

Babies need washcloths for bath time and diaper changing—the softer, the better. Buy mom and dad washcloths for bath time in a different color than those used for diaper changing to make it easy. Even if they already have some, they’ll be grateful to put off a little more laundry! Baby Bath Time Experience compares some of the top brands, so you can rest assured you’re giving the little one the softest cloths available.

Dishwasher Basket

Ask the new parents if they have a dishwasher basket for small baby essentials like bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. This item is a must-have and will ensure they don’t lose all of their baby feeding items among all of the other dishes and silverware.

Baby Socks

You think you have a problem losing your socks? Think of how hard it is for parents to find baby socks in the laundry. Small socks for babies are always a useful gift—and they’re simply adorable. Grab a few pairs of patterned footwear that will keep those tootsies warm and cozy no matter the season.

Baby-Friendly Laundry Detergent

The parents may already have a brand that they prefer, so ask them which kind they like. Otherwise if you’re searching on your own, look for brands that specifically state that they are gentle for a baby’s skin. If not, brands that declare they are safe for sensitive skin are usually fine too.

Onesie Extenders

This will be the gift that new parents didn’t realize they needed. Babies grow unbelievably fast, so they are constantly outgrowing their onesies. An extender will do the parents a huge favor by giving them just a little more time before that onesie becomes too small.

A New Onesie

That being said, new onesies are needed frequently as the baby seems to grow at light speed. It’s best to ask sizes first, because the baby can be just growing out of the size you were planning to buy. When in doubt, buy larger; the little one can always grow into it.

Baby Bottle Adapter

A baby bottle adapter is inexpensive but life-changing. This adapter screws onto any other bottle to make it baby-friendly—think water bottles. Great for that parent who’s always on the go, and sure to make the new mom and dad’s life easier.


Hey, not all gifts cost money! When the baby is old enough and the parents are comfortable, offer to babysit. If it’s in your capacity, give the new mom and dad some time to themselves on a much deserved date night. Or if you can’t spare the time, go ahead and hire a babysitter for them so they have a free day off.

Hint: These are just some ideas besides diapers to gift to the new parents you know. That doesn’t mean to forget the diapers altogether—diapers are always welcome. Quick hint: Note their preference. If they use cloth diapers, go ahead and buy them some extra from Green Mountain Diapers. They will be thankful you did!

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