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Some interesting Paris attractions

We’re returning to Paris this summer to celebrate my birthday. Considering some of the more unusual Paris attractions to visit.

A self-imposed prison

Many, if not most, of us live in self-imprisoned prisons without even really realizing it. A recent experience has me looking at my life in a very different way.

The Joys of Online Dating and the Single Dad

It sometimes gets lonely being a single dad. When you’re living in a homophobic culture as a gay man, sometimes your best bet to meet someone is through online dating. It can be quite the adventure and entertaining.

The Best Food and Hidden Places in the South of France

The south of France has some truly amazing places to experience. Some of them remain fairly unknown to non-French tourists.

Using Public Transportation in Bucharest

Getting around Bucharest is pretty easy with its robust public transportation system. Here are the tips and info you need for getting around.