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Do you need an international SIM card?

For those who like to be connected, use apps for travel, etc., having a functional SIM card is important. An international card may just save you headaches!

How to save money on airfares

Airfare & fees can be such a huge expense! Thankfully, there are some easy tricks to help you save lots of money. Here are some my tips and my process to find the cheapest airfare.

Surviving Teenagers

For some reason many parents dread the teenage years. I’ve never really understood it. For the most, I’ve always enjoyed having and being around teenagers. They’re lots of fun, actually.

Preparing for reverse culture shock

We are now under the one-month mark until we return the US for some housesitting and to hopefully get the final decision on a long-term base. After being gone from the US for almost 4 years, I’m expecting a healthy dose of reverse culture shock.

The weird bone church of Kutna Hora

The bone church of Kutna Hora is quite famous and with good reason. But it isn’t the only great site in this small town.