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The case for avoiding Paris in the summer

There are some nice things about Paris in the summer, but if you haven’t been there before, summer is just not the right time.

The Interesting and Quirky Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord has many quirky elements, and its history is interesting as well. It’s a great addition to a Loire Valley day trip itinerary. And Leonardo da Vinci is believed to have had part of its design. That alone makes a visit intriguing.

And another change blows in

So life has taken a bit of a turn again. Are we surprised? Here’s what’s new with us.

Understanding the Schengen Zone (Visiting Europe)

If you plan on visiting Europe, you need to be aware of the Schengen Zone and its restrictions on non-EU/Schengen visitors. Here is essential information.

Introducing a Special Project–FLYTE

Introducing FLYTE, a special project with a great mission to help kids.