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On Going Home

Thoughts and feelings about going home as we mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare to return to the US after 5+ years of constant travel.

My Wish List for When I Visit Norway

I have wanted to visit Norway for a long time. Here are some of the places that have ended up on my growing wish list for when we go there.

Things to Do in Mexico

There are so many different & incredible things to do in Mexico that it’s a perfect place for almost every type of traveler. Here are some fantastic ideas for activities to do.

A Different Taste of Firenze

Firenze, or Florence, is well known for its history, art, and architecture. It doesn’t disappoint in the food department either.

Sedona–Red Rocks & Amazing Sunsets

When most people go to Arizona, they head straight to the Grand Canyon. However, nearby Sedona is definitely worth some time.