Money Management Tips to Pass Along to Teenagers

As parents, you need to prepare your kids for adulthood, which means helping your kids understand money. The problem is figuring out what to teach them and how. The following are a few money tips you should focus on for the good of your kids.

Strong Budgeting

Part of the reason folks don’t know how to manage money is that they don’t know how it gets spent. Most of the time, people receive a paycheck and just spend. A little here and there may not feel like a lot, but they don’t know where the money went or sometimes have trouble paying some of their bills at the end of the month. You don’t want your teen to go through that. Budgeting requires some organization skills, but once they learn how to do this, your kids should be able to see how they spend their money each month.

Establishing Credit

The next thing you have to teach your kids is how to build credit and why it’s essential. Look for loans for people with no credit as a way to establish a positive credit history.

A good credit score is vital in a country that values your ability to pay back loans or credit cards. Most car owners and homeowners take out a loan for their purchase. Let your child know that they may want to take out a loan for some reason, and to do that, and they’ll need good credit.

Avoiding Debt

Yes, debt is something every American is exposed to at some point. Mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit cards are all types of debt. Teach your kid to avoid purchasing with debt if possible, but if they ever need to, teach your kids not to drown in debt. They should avoid borrowing more than they can payback. This is something many people do, and the stress of not paying back money can be pretty frustrating. Budgeting can help your kids see how much they can afford to borrow and should keep them safe.

Dealing With Taxes

Taxes are going to come up at some point. Your teen may see them coming out of his or her paychecks, but tax rates increase with income. They may also pay property tax later on in life. Let your kids know that paying taxes is essential and patriotic. It’s how the national and local governments pay for cops, firefighters, and soldiers. It’s how America pays for infrastructure and all the other things people enjoy. It’s important to consider taxes when budgeting so that your kids prepare to pay them.


Saving is important, yet it’s something people don’t always do. Try to teach your kids the importance of having a checking and savings account. This account should help keep them afloat should an emergency happen. You need to teach them constraints so that they aren’t tempted to use this emergency fund. Savings are good for more than just emergencies. Sometimes, this fund provides peace of mind. Knowing that you have that extra bit makes you feel less stressed, and if you teach your kids, they should learn to save a little of their earnings.

Hopefully, your kids learn some of these tips because it’ll help them feel more prepared as they grow up. It may take a while to teach them everything you know, but you can take things step by step.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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