Live Better and Without Regrets by Traveling

After years of working in trauma, I decided to take a different path with my family and take on “Vivez sans regrets” philosophy! Or, in English: Live without regrets!

Since that time, I’ve traveled the world as a digital nomad making every day matter and every second count.

Whether it’s traveling throughout Europe, North America, Asia, or Africa, the goal has been to enjoy every moment and make as many memories as possible.

But for some people, the idea of being “baseless” can lead to anxiety, and the uncertainty can play on their fears. Why does it seem so challenging to become a digital nomad?

We’ve been conditioned since a young age through schooling to be stationary and have a daily structure, which can have some positive and negative consequences.

The negative is that we become convinced that we have to do the same thing, the “I should” concept.

In psychology, the “should” concept becomes self-limiting and internal rules that we make ourselves adhere to, which causes stress and anxiety when we fall short of those “should” expectations.

It would be better to drop the concept from our internal monologues. Otherwise, we become limited and rigid by those constraints, and we create a negative feedback loop that holds us back.

Don’t get me wrong about routines. There are definitely some health benefits to having a routine.

Some Health Issues Related To Lacking A Routine

  • Stress: A lack of routine impacts our mental health by forcing us to shift our attention from enjoying the moment to an artificial timeline of “I must get this done.”
  • Disrupted Sleep: Sleep behaviors are byproducts of a daily cycle. With sleep, that cycle is known as the circadian rhythm, which is the body’s internal structure of the sleep-wake cycle. By establishing a routine that focuses on when you go to sleep and when you wake up and activities throughout the day, your brain develops a better sense of when to relax, sleep, and be attentive.
  • Poor Nutrition: Typically, without a structure, we eat when hungry, and if we don’t have access to good nutrition, we tend to eat something convenient like fast food.
  • Poor Physical Health: Not having a routine means that you’re probably not getting enough exercise for your overall health. Combined with a lack of good nutrition, heightened stress levels, and a lack of quality sleep can be a recipe for severe health effects.

Instead, create a routine that is based on fun. Of course, you still have responsibilities to take care of, but prioritizing your focus on beneficial patterns, you’re less stressed and more at the moment, a concept known as mindfulness.

Live Each Moment

Mindfulness is a focus on the experiences as they happen at the moment they occur. Rather than focusing on the past, which is depression, and the future, which is anxiety, mindfulness teaches us to enjoy the moments as they happen.

Even though we are, in effect, nomads, we still establish healthy routines as digital nomads. It helps keep us centered at the moment to enjoy life as it unfolds.

If you’re interested in how to become “baseless” and travel as we do, there are a few things to consider.

How To Get Started On A Travel Lifestyle

Find a way to pull it off financially. For some people, it may be getting a remote job, a virtual assistant role, or starting some sort of online business you can operate anywhere with an internet connection.

Others may like to have their cake and eat it too, meaning they may want the freedom to travel but would like to anchor to a home port as it were.

In those instances, finding a job that allows a lot of flexibility or is seasonal is a great suggestion.

You could become a seasonal firefighter, lifeguard, work in the restaurant and hospitality industries, or even find a career in some space of healthcare.

There are healthcare programs that will allow you to learn online and get credentialed for a healthcare job, such as those online ABSN programs that are found with a simple Google search.

In the end, the memories you make with your life are entirely up to you. But to live life in the fullest sense possible, I’ve found that traveling the world and taking each moment as it comes is the best way to live.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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