You’re a Kilimanjaro Away from the Best Family Time

All along, you’ve been trapped in the gravity of chasing deadlines, holding up pillars, drowning beneath the pile at your desk and wiping the sweat off your brow. While you were at it, matters of work took over what matters most – your loved ones. Why let the clock run you when you can run away from the clock? A family vacation is like taking off a pair of tight shoes and slipping on a warm hug. Here’s what we have to say about a family trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

You get to unwrap another shade to your family when you venture beyond the walls. The Kilimanjaro climb is for outdoorsy families with a zest for adventure and is tailor-made for those of you have toughened up to the odds of the game. The trek can melt down barriers that you didn’t even know existed, thus elevating your family bond by several notches and leaving you enveloped with a deep sense of completeness and satisfaction. The climb is riddled with challenges and overcoming them together with your loved ones can give way to moments worth cherishing, hearty conversations and several displays of strength and affection. But for families who haven’t taken a trek before and aren’t really fitness enthusiasts, the trials of the Kilimanjaro trail may actually work for the worse, escalating from stress to family distress. Having to dodge every curveball thrown your way might eventually betray the cause of enhancing family resonance.


If you’re dealing with family baggage, the Kilimanjaro climb gives your family a second chance, second to none. The adventure gives you time for contemplation and an opportunity to steer your undivided and wholesome attention on your loved ones. The best therapy to fix a topsy-turvy bond is on top.  The spell-casting beauty of this incredible mountain can put any unrest to test and rekindle the passionate flame that sparked up your relationship in the first place.

If you’re tagging your family along, exercise your discretion in picking the wisest way up. The route we root for is the Marangu route, which promises an easy and relatively relaxed climb. The Machame route burdens you with the most exhausting trek, which however pays off with the most stunning views that the mountain has in store for you. We don’t recommend it for families with no physical experience. But if you’re sure that your fitness makes the cut, this route is a challenge worth the sweat .

The Rangai route is an easy climb, but compromises on the scenic experience. The Marangu route is very family friendly as it gives you a gentle escalation and provides hut accommodation along the trail. On the flip side, it is also the most crowded path to take. The Shira route demands a certain level of expertise from the family of trekkers as it allows a four wheel drive for a portion of the climb, requiring that you acclimatize quickly and efficiently. The Lemosho route, like the Shira route requires a moderate level of expertise and is not recommended for families who haven’t done much trekking formerly.

Children above 10 years of age are allowed to climb over a height of 12,000 feet, as instructed by the Tanzanian park authority. Children take longer to acclimatize, making it is prudent to scale the altitude at a slower pace as they are more vulnerable to altitude sickness. This illness  can cause severe health consequences and shouldn’t be undermined. In case of emergencies, oxygen and ALTOX can be availed on rent.  Give your guide a prior notice that you’re taking your children with you, and have them exercise extra precaution to leave no detail to chance. Tusker guides who are native to Tanzania are very receptive to families and develop great interactions with children. Prepare your children for the hassles you may have to face, in terms of physical exertions as well as mental fortitude. Take them hiking a few times before setting foot on the great mountain. Have frank conversations with them about the illnesses, climate, exhaustion and the many potential hassles that the experience entails, to brace them for the big adventure.

Snuggling in cozy homes with a laptop at their knees, most children generally tend to lose sight of what’s beyond the walls. An adventure such as the Kilimanjaro trek lets them meet people from the other side of the world, experience rich cultural exchanges and witness sweeping landscapes out in the open, thus accounting for a life transforming learning experience. Every encounter makes an indelible impact during your child’s early years. Overcoming adversities and battling your way to the top helps cultivate an open-minded and optimistic attitude in the child, which is indispensable for shaping a great personality. Let your compass translate into your child’s moral compass.

Swamp your family albums with  endless pictures, give your children an outlook to look out for, seal the family bond and what’s more, you get to carry with you a goodie bag brimming with great memories of living and loving the Kilimanjaro dream.

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