Helping Children Thrive On The Move

For those who are raising children on the move or while traveling, it’s wonderful to be able to let our children explore the world and become well-rounded individuals fluent in multiculturalism. There are many benefits of traveling either for short periods or by picking ourselves up and moving to a new city or country for extended stays.

Several tips can make this process smoother for us and help our kids to thrive no matter where we go on our travels.

If you’re traveling with children and are worried they will not have enough socialization with others their age, you might consider what drop-in childcare solutions are available. Spending some time with others their age is both right for them and provides you some time to focus on other concerns, whether it’s your self-care or your vocation.

These don’t always amount to formal arrangements. There are several good drop-in options through sites such as These alternatives serve as informal arrangements that can include a wide variety of options for your children.

What’s more, these options enable them to meet with others and have time to be kids. Some examples would include kids’ days at amusement parks or museums, short term camps, or merely finding other parents and children through a localized Facebook group. All these options help your child meet new people and build their social skills while learning from the expertise of others.


Childcare in the United States can be cost-prohibitive; many other countries have systems in place to make such care more affordable. Depending on where you are living and for how long you plan to stay, you might want to look at what affordable childcare options might be accessible to you and your child. Many other countries have much more holistic care, which includes more significant amounts of free play time both inside and outside compared to many of the programs in the states. Finding such care can help enrich your child’s experience overseas and can even help them become multilingual.

Also,  there are many different housing arrangements you might have on your journeys with your children. You might find yourself in a hotel room, or an apartment, or a house. When traveling, finding housing sitting gigs can make you remain more homely.


Depending on factors such as access to the internet, there are many online programs for kids online. Some programs focus on academic skills; others are hosted by museums and galleries, while others are fun safe places for kids to connect to other kids and develop their communication and socialization skills. For these programs, it does not matter what country you are traveling in, you still will maintain access.

Some children will jump right in and thrive while they travel and see the world. Others will find they face struggles that they may or may not be able to explain to you as their parents. When interacting with your children, keep a close eye on any changes in behavior that might be symptoms of an additional physical or mental health struggle. When kids are under extra stress, they may act out instead of being able to explain what the deep issue might be. While travel can be amazing and eye-opening, it can also lead to feelings of disconnect or isolation.

Traveling with children can be an enjoyable and enriching experience for all involved. Children can have the opportunity to try new foods, see new sights, and interact with new people. When traveling with kids, we must find ways that they can spend time with children their age and pay attention to what they may be telling us verbally and nonverbally through behavior. With a little preparation, both you and your children can make memories you will always remember.


Author: Joseph Hanover

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